They Spent Years Telling Us Peer Pressure Is Wrong, Now It’s Their Weapon of Choice

“Instead of accepting that there is a perfectly rational explanation for refusing a rushed vaccine with the worst safety record in modern history for a virus that presents next-to-no risk for most people – prime ministers, presidents and premiers have insisted that defiance is a selfish act that demands constant social pressure.”

Shops in various European countries have erected physical wire fences to separate vaccinated and unvaccinated customers.

Footage from a Kaufland supermarket in Romania has surfaced depicting a sign at the entrance dividing customers into aisles separated by two-metre high wire barricades, draped with plastic, open at the top and the bottom.

Despite these literal walls placed between people, many continue to deny that segregation is taking place.

After months of independent reports contradicting the global narrative, the World Health Authority has admitted that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people spread Covid at roughly the same rate, and that being vaccinated (in this particular case) does not stop transmission.

If governments remained true to their word about ‘following the science’, this revelation should have signalled the end for vaccine passports.

Instead, nearly every government has come out in recent days to double-down on their booster-shot programs to combat a new Covid variant. Omicron is noted for being vaccine-resistant and mild, mimicking a weak flu and yet politicians have successfully used its existence to guarantee the continuation of authoritarian health orders.

Our governments have forgotten that ‘unvaccinated’ does not mean infected. For the first time in history, completely healthy people have found themselves permanently restricted by biosecurity regulations designed to temporarily isolate infected patients until their recovery.

Romania’s shopping centre fences provide a visual representation of what Western nations have done by stealth. Australia has built its fences out of fear, segregating people via a noxious combination of threats, fines, and social pressure.

By far the most damaging aspect of Covid propaganda has been the psychological war waged on the population.

Humans are social creatures. Our behaviour is mostly shaped by the social norms we observe around us. The localised imitation of each other provides the foundation of ‘culture’ and has created an incalculable tapestry of variations across the world. We are so malleable to suggestion that we form behavioural bonds at a family, peer, work, sport, community, city, state, and national level. These expected social norms exist in constant competition with each other and the wider world.

The addition of homogeneous Covid propaganda to this system has attempted to create a single pattern of behaviour – a blueprint if you will – for humanity. It is an exercise in social engineering instead of a natural progression of advantageous behaviour discovered through trial and error. This kind of mono-thought is particularly dangerous because it is inflicted upon society regardless of merit. All socialist societies suffer from this structural error and in short order, it leads to the collapse of nations and the decimation of their civil unity.

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Covid mania has evolved into a new type of socialism that blends total state control with woke-political theory and the ambition of global corporate entities. Like all authoritarian regimes, it propagates itself via the control of information (in partnership with Silicon Valley) reinforced through the bombardment of fear (courtesy of weak politicians).

Considering how much time our current generation has spent congratulating itself for being morally superior by ‘erasing the past in revenge for historical harms’ – it is interesting to note how frequently the majority have fallen for textbook propaganda.

Over the last decade, several dangerous ideological movements have managed to motivate significant sections of society into acts of self-harm.

The Climate Change eco-fascist cult has convinced everyone from children to CEOs to punish society for being successful. It has imposed a parallel currency of Carbon Credits to micromanage citizens while pouring profit into the pockets of Green companies trading on the promise of a fictional apocalypse. Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter – the Marxist race-baiting organisation encouraging teenagers to destroy private property and assault strangers – has turned harmonious societies across the world into racist crucibles.

These two political movements utilised social media to create an intense environment of peer pressure that stalked impressionable minds. It is easy to understand how young people found themselves lured into a virtue-signalling hierarchy where reblogging propaganda invigorated their online popularity. Soon after, the corporate world went from a predatory marketing campaign designed to soak up these brainwashed customers, into a cannibalistic cycle of shame where CEOs bullied each other into compliance and those who refused found themselves viciously attacked.

The market of ideas is often coercive – frequently ruthless – and sometimes profitable. ‘Crazes’ come and go inside society as humans develop an intense interest for one activity or ideological movement before growing bored and moving on. However, when the government passes policy to institutionalise the behaviour, mandate it, or generously reward it (which has happened with both Net Zero policy and demands for office quotas) these transient fixations become artificially extended.

Unlike a harmless obsession for Furbies or Zumba, all three of the current ideological movements (Climate Change, Black Lives Matter, and Covid) include extremely harmful and abusive social qualities which are rewarded by authoritative bodies.

Covid is easily the most destructive of the three.

The message coming out of the world’s governments is that people who refuse to get vaccinated are dangerous. These dissidents pose an immediate and serious threat to the personal safety of others through a deliberate and malicious action, which in turn justifies ordinarily illegal civil retribution.

Instead of accepting that there is a perfectly rational explanation for refusing a rushed vaccine with the worst safety record in modern history for a virus that presents next-to-no risk for most people – prime ministers, presidents and premiers have insisted that defiance is a selfish act that demands constant social pressure.

This does not come solely in the form of online bullying. Governments have inflicted laws which lock citizens out of the economy and actively mark them as a segregated sub-class who are easily identified by the peer group.

It is called ‘painting a target’.

Politicians have done this for many reasons, the most obvious being that the constant abuse and victimisation levelled at the unvaccinated by their family, friends, and strangers creates a mental hell that breaks most people. In general, humans want to be an accepted member of the group and inciting constant torment means that politicians can conscript the public to do what they cannot legally get away with – harassment.

Segregating part of the community for vilification also scares people into compliance. Those who withstand this assault serve a purpose too. It is helpful to have a small group of people who resist because they provide the perfect ‘stick’ with which to threaten everyone else. ‘If you don’t do what we say, you’ll end up like these people…’

The last reason is to create a scapegoat for both government failure, and for the whole of society to shift their frustration, anger, hatred, and blame onto.

We have seen this numerous times throughout the pandemic, where politicians like Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has described Covid as a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ – a statement left uncorrected. Even New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet punished the unvaccinated by moving the ‘freedom’ date from December 1 to December 15 due to several Covid outbreaks in fully vaccinated gyms controlled by a vaccine passport system. Logic would suggest that restrictions should have been placed on the vaccinated, but instead it was the unvaccinated who, already essentially locked in their homes, were issued with an extension to their arbitrary detention.

Health professionals – who represent authority figures garnishing these sinister overtures with credibility – have done everything from trying to raise healthcare taxes on the unvaccinated, to locking them out of essential healthcare and suggesting they be left to die as punishment.

2GB radio host Ray Hadley said on November 30 that ‘anti-vaxxers’ were like Hitler or paedophiles – two of the most reviled groups in human history. He did not offer to justify that nonsense comparison, nor could he, as Hadley was describing law-abiding citizens who simply wished to opt-out of a dangerous drug trial and be left alone to get on with their lives.

If he had vilified any other group of people – such as a religion or race – Hadley not only would have found himself sacked, but there would likely be legal proceedings taken against him.

The Hitler comparison is ironic, in that there are plenty of parallels between the behaviour of Covid’s propaganda to the early stages of the Nazi regime. Australia’s system of medical tyranny is used to justify segregation, discrimination, dehumanization, and exclusion from society to the point where premiers are gleeful at the prospect of the unvaccinated starving on the street. All of the worst regimes in history believed they were ‘saving people’, and this one is no different.

It is a very strange place for Australia to find itself in after the decades successive governments spent a fortune educating children on the dangers of bullying and peer pressure.

Public money was invested (and clearly wasted) in educating children and parents about peer pressure in order to stop people from being bullied into dangerous activities for the sake of social status.

The government and its teams of experts know exactly how this psychology works. We have a morally lacklustre generation of politicians prepared to exploit the social dependency of humanity to expand their power, protect their investments, and hide their failures.

This ends when people stop policing each other, and shift their attention to the depravity of those in charge.

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