The Greens Call for Australia to Be Cancelled

“If the Greens senator doesn’t consider herself an Australian, she should be happy to give up her parliamentary pay cheque, along with the tax-payer-funded political perks attached to her privileged position.”

Australian Greens senator, Lidia Thorpe has escalated societal divisions after expanding on an attention-seeking publicity stunt from Greens leader Adam Bandt.

The Greens leader removed the Australian flag before a press conference on Wednesday, claiming the national flag ‘represented lingering pain for “First Nations” people.’

Reacting to pushbacks like those from Labor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Bandt defended his juvenile protest, arguing that Australians needed to confront “the violence, pain and dispossession that lies at the heart of the colonisation in this country.”

Bandt’s manipulative stunt was followed by Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe, who, on Channel Ten’s The Project, declared that Australia’s colonialist history makes the Australian parliament null and void.

Thorpe demonised the egalitarian, democratic, constitutional representation, she also enjoys and benefits from, declaring it to be part of “the illegitimate occupation of the colonial system” in Australia.

Thorpe’s oppressor/oppressed cognitive distortion culminated in The Greens senator stating:

“The Australian flag does not represent me or my people. It represents the colonisation of these lands, and it has no permission to be here, there’s been no consent, there’s been no treaty, so that flag does not represent me.”

The Greens co-ordinated cancel culture attack on all Australians is likely to tear apart decades of work building bridges towards reconciliation.

Criticising the campaign to stoke perpetual victimhood and resentment, Northern Territory Country Liberal Party Senator, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price accused Thorpe of ‘showing contempt for the Australian people, and questioned if Thorpe should be removed from the Senate.’

By Thorpe’s own admission, Price told the ABC, Thorpe isn’t there to represent the Australian people, she’s in parliament to “infiltrate” and disrupt the nation’s governance.

Price added:

“Thorpe doesn’t view herself as an Australian, so, if she doesn’t view herself as an Australian, why is she there? I think its very serious. When you are elected to such a position, you have such great responsibility when you’re in there. It’s almost as if, Thorpe is treating her job as a joke.

“This sort of disunity, does nothing to support bringing about solutions for the problems in Indigenous communities. In order to provide solutions for the problems we face, we need unity amongst Australians, and those who are willing to work for the benefit of all Australians.”

From her own context, Price acknowledged that the past was difficult for everyone, then spoke of the importance of forgiveness, and how forgiveness is the key to unlocking the door for a united future for all Australians.

The coalition senator recounted how, at the 75th commemoration of the 1928 Coniston massacre, her family released white decedents from carrying any responsibility for their forebear’s sins.

Price argued that Thorpe needs to come clean on her claims about being oppressed, pointing to Thorpe’s privileged lifestyle. ‘In any case,” Price asserted, “I don’t believe marginalisation, being disposed – any of that – is an excuse to have disrespect for the house of parliament.”

Adding to her criticisms, Price said:

“I’d like to know what Thorpe hopes to achieve by being hostile? […] While she’s being hostile solutions aren’t being created to solve issues like domestic violence […] how can we get there, when we’re too busy debating a flag, or being hostile towards a supposed ‘colonial project.’ It’s childish.”

A consequence of The Greens’ assault on Australians – which includes the Indigenous community – is the potential for division to set reconciliation back decades.

The Greens, instead of representing Indigenous Australians, appear to be using our First People tribes as a whipping boy for their own political gain.

It’s hard to take Thorpe’s protest seriously, while the senator is appropriating the language of her alleged “colonial occupiers.”

“First Nations” is a problematic term. It propagates the false notion that Australia, pre-1788, was an island filled with nations, and not tribes.

Nationhood, or the idea of nationality, is a European concept.

Why, then, is Lidia Thorpe – enraged as she claims to be about the so-called “colonist project” – applying a colonialist lens to Indigenous Australian history?

The dominant form of government across the pre-1788 landscape was tribalism. The majority of Indigenous Australians were hunter, gatherer, and territorial nomads. There were no cities. There were no nations.

Additionally, Thorpe seems to forget that Indigenous Australians have eleven events enshrined in the national calendar. More than any other demographic.

If Thorpe bothered to read the historical record, not-yet-tainted by the woketocratic class, the Greens senator would discover the colonial era ended in 1901 with Federation, officially ending in the 1950s, and in 1967, so did the lack of Indigenous Australian representation.

Non-indigenous Australians were British subjects up until independence from the British empire in the early 1950s.

This paved the way for the right to vote for Indigenous Australians to be cemented in federal law. A 1967 referendum resulted in a massive 90.77% “Yes” vote bringing the First Peoples of Australia into the constitution on an equal footing with non-Indigenous Australians.

Like all true socialists, The Greens win votes by prolonging problems and preaching perpetual resentment.  

The Greens are kitsch graffiti on Australia’s political landscape.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s criticism of Thorpe is apt. If the Greens senator doesn’t consider herself an Australian, she should be happy to give up her parliamentary pay cheque, along with the tax-payer-funded political perks attached to her privileged position.

This is unlikely to happen. Bandt and Thorpe’s coordinated cancel culture attack on Australians is illustrative of how The Greens serve themselves, not the Australian people. Vote accordingly.

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