The Far-Left Takeover of Daycare: “Working in Childcare Is a Political Act”

“In other words, working in childcare is not about educating kids, it’s about indoctrinating them, and denouncing colleagues who say otherwise!”

Concerns are being raised about Australia’s new Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF 2.0).

Frankfurt School cultural Marxism – aka Critical Theory – saturates the 2022 nationally approved ‘scaffold to assist educators.’

Rooted in the fine print is the dualist oppressor vs. oppressed Communist cognitive distortion.

Doctrines of Marxian post-modernism found in the EYLF 2.0 include:

  • Critical Race Theory (CRT)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
  • Queer theory (QT)
  • Feminist Post-Structuralism
  • Social Justice
  • Cultural Safetyism
  • Reconciliation (which now means decolonisation)

There’s the eye-brow-raising imperative that states inclusion means catering to a baby and toddler’s ‘sexual identity, and gender.’

The EYLF also implies that it’s wrong to expect all families to speak English.

‘Linguistic diversity’ must be respected, and considered in the teacher’s curriculum choices.

Ironically, this policy is in spite of many immigrant families wanting their kids to be taught English.

The same could be said for Indigenous families who don’t want their kids held back in society, or signalled out for being “different.”

As I’ll show later, what advocates of the ELYF mean by ditching English for ‘linguistic diversity’ is the political act of rejecting the “language of the oppressor.”

Linguistic diversity is followed by cultural safetyism.

The EYLF defines this as the ‘recognition, respect and protection of the inherent rights, cultures, and traditions of a particular culture.’

Despite daycare directors hating on Western Civilisation by banning Australia Day celebrations, the EYLF states, cultures cannot be challenged or disagreed with, only affirmed.

Indigenous ethnocentrism is masked as ‘cultural responsiveness.’

Early childcare educators must, ‘embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in all aspects of the curriculum.’

Out goes ABCD, 1,2,3, and in comes LGBT-CRT.

Worth noting: cultural safetyism is a direct alignment with the ‘blood and soil’ dogma asserted in the 2017 UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People.

This states, in sum, “all cultures are equal. To say otherwise is racism.”

Likewise, it’s only a matter of time before the EYLF goes full-woke and demands conformity with: “all families are equal. To say otherwise is homophobic.”

Linked to this is the appeal to trauma (perpetual grievance politics).

There are 4 categories. Three are of value. One isn’t.

Single incident, complex, and intergenerational trauma are fair and necessary.

The fourth category is historical trauma, and it’s straight out of the Communist playbook on historical determinism.

Historical trauma refers to the oppressors (Europeans), and the oppressed first peoples (specifically the “stolen” generations).

Enter Critical Race Theory.

Further evidence of Communist (or Cultural Marxist) doctrines within the EYLF includes critical reflection.

This is essentially a Marxian self-condemning struggle session.

Educators enter into a ‘meaning-making process’ to empower ‘equity and social justice.’

Daycare staff are put through grindy, repetitive, self-condemning struggle sessions on race, environment, culture, diversity, and ethnicity.

Educators are taught to hate, and distance themselves from their European ancestry, and white skin.

It’s also in their training.

No educator can attain their ECC qualifications without admitting they’re racist.

There is no dissent, nor diversity of thought allowed.

Trainees have to use the language ascribed to them by the far-left activist class authoring these policies, under threat of being failed.

Early Child care educators are forced to admit their assumed “implicit bias,” inherent “whiteness,” and how their skin colour is the cause of “systemic racism.”

The re-education indoctrination gets worse.

Race-baiting activists-for-hire are invited to come into day centres to run these struggle sessions.

Under the guise of “professional development” these Woketivists – many who are White – are paid good money to tell staff how racist they are.

Wokeshevist political activism is the backbone of the learning framework.

Not incidentally, the AUD $70 “useful idiots” guide to the EYLF V2 is called a playbook.

The book was written by left-wing activist, Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet (Miriam Giugni), and veteran Early Child Care motivational activist, Anthony Semann.

Page 27 of Dr. Scarlet and Semann’s, ‘carefully curated ways of engaging with the ELYF,’ declares: “Working in Childcare is a political act.”

In other words, working in childcare is not about educating kids, it’s about indoctrinating them, and denouncing colleagues who say otherwise!

“As such,” Dr. Scarlet, and Semann wrote, “we must consider the role we play in fighting racism and teaching the next generation about fairness and justice.”

Generally, this means “inclusive storytelling”:

1. Assuming racism where this is none.

2. Fighting oppression through paranoia: rooting out bias and discrimination by reading bias and discrimination into people’s lives.

2. Replacing individual responsibility with “deconstructing white privilege.”

3. Elevating “voice and visibility”: Deifying blackness, queerness, Muslimness, all while hypocritically demonising whiteness (Woke terms, not mine).

5. Advancing reconciliation (by this they now mean decolonising)

Aside from her work on the ELYF, Dr. Scarlet is infamous for her 2017 call to replace ‘Father’s Day’ with ‘Special Person’s Day.’

When asked by Today Tonight why ‘little kids needed to be social justice warriors,’ Dr. Scarlet said, “Kids have a capacity to be inclusive, once they know about these ideas, and they [the kids] think, ‘Wow, why are people seeing this as a controversy?”

The University of Sydney faculty member is also an advocate of ‘decentring the individual,’ in favour of being subsumed into the collective.

While there are clear concerns about the politicisation of the daycare industry, there’s been little to no protests against it.

Critical theory being infused into the learning far-left framework for curriculum is a case of “take your medicine, or else wear the dunce’s hat, and be shamed publicly!”

The absence of any revolt against Marxian manipulation (brain washing) isn’t surprising.

Daycares are heavily subsidised by successive Australian governments.

Last year this funding hit upwards of AUD $4.5 billion.

Dissent could deprive early childcare centres of taxpayer funding, with activist bureaucrats issuing a punitive downgrade in accreditation.

As discussed, the lack of criticism is a result of training. Educators are being injected with Woke mind virus, and taxpayers are funding it.

Hence the national flag, and anthem being anathema.

It’s replaced with forced worship at the Indigenous ethnocentric altar of “debate is hate” – “Always ways, Always will be, Acknowledgement to Country.”

Hence teaching hard-working, wealthy Asians, or white, European kids their multi-ethnic society, heritage, culture, nation, and skin colour, doesn’t matter because “capitalism is bad,” and “all white people are racist.”

If educators are compromised, it will be up to informed Australian parents, like America’s Xi Van Fleet, to draw the line.

The Marxian-Woke collective teaching kids to hate themselves because of the colour of their skin, isn’t just an issue of “anti-racists” normalising racism, some parents are rightly wondering if it’s akin to child abuse.

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