The Evolution of Social Justice Warriors

From Mao Xe-Dong’s genocidal regime in China, to the Third Reich’s extermination of the Jews, the history of Darwinian evolution is a path marked with human destruction. Various ideologies that surfaced during the nineteenth and twentieth century are evidence for the devastating effects of Darwinism when applied to society, and these continue to the present…

From Mao Xe-Dong’s genocidal regime in China, to the Third Reich’s extermination of the Jews, the history of Darwinian evolution is a path marked with human destruction. Various ideologies that surfaced during the nineteenth and twentieth century are evidence for the devastating effects of Darwinism when applied to society, and these continue to the present day.

This has produced a new breed of social justice warriors, which has polluted the political waters creating turmoil and disunity. It stems from an acceptance of evolutionary theory, breaking down absolute truths, and replacing a moral compass with pluralism and the individual subjective experience.

The denial of absolutes and promotion of moral subjectivity

So how does evolution create such a polluted atmosphere of ethical ambiguity and breed cultural Marxist values of political correctness, erotic liberty, identity politics and victimhood culture? it begins with Karl Marx himself. “Moral subjectivity” was self-consciously championed by Marx in his economic and social theories, as he referred to Darwin’s “Origin of the species” as:

the book which contains the basis in natural history for our view.

Marx built his worldview, around such amorality. One example, is the philosophical science of Dialectal materialism. This dialectic argues the importance of empirical and real-world conditions in the economy and society, as Wikipedia remarks:

Dialectical materialism accepts the evolution of the natural world and the emergence of new qualities in the stages of evolution.

This evolutionary theory is engrained in dialectal materialism, and is the backbone of the distortion of absolute values, as Vladimir Lenin notes in ‘Materialism and Empiro-criticism’:

…it insists on the absence of boundaries in nature.

This is illustrated today, in Peter Singer’s most recent article, exploring the absence of sexual boundaries between humans and animals through an evolutionary worldview. When explaining the justification of sex between a female and an orangutan, Singer concludes:


That may be because Galdikas understands very well that we are animals, indeed more specifically, we are great apes. This does not have sex across the species barrier normal… but it does imply that it ceases to be an offence to our dignity as humans.

Societies without a moral guideline

Such a Marxist world view was entrenched in soviet ideology during the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. In the same year, during the sexual freedoms movement, social constructs of marriage and family boundaries became absent. Due to evolutionary theory, the foundations for objective morality become blurred between one’s subjective experience and that of, primal desires. Such hedonism and subjective ethics redefined a Russian understanding of sex. By 1936, Russia had the highest divorce rate in Europe, and orphans proliferated the street from illegitimate births.

Today, Children in Europe are now able to end their lives with medical assistance and government approval. In fact, Belgium removed any age limit on the practice in 2014, only 12 years after legalising it for adults. As society begins to shape itself around individual experience, our line between right and wrong becomes blurred with emotional irrationality. Although children can’t vote, evolutionary theory allows assisted suicide for children to be acceptable, as the process of natural selection takes place, and nothing can truly be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, other than how one ‘feels’.

Darwinian philosophy in practice

Similarly, Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy was influenced by the doctrine of evolution. The values of humility, mercy, modesty and compassion were seen as weakening society. Nietzsche concluded that society must be built on a master class, evolved into a race of Ubermenschen (Supermen), unencumbered by religious and social mores, bringing humanity to the next stage of evolution.

Herbert Spencer’s philosophy of ‘social Darwinism’ applied the doctrine of evolution and natural selection to society. He argued society would be improved by recognising the superiority of dominant classes and encouraging their ascendancy. This was also rooted in Ernst Haeckel’s theory of African races being incapable of culture and higher mental development.

Here in Australia, the latest push for abortion mirrors an evolutionary argument, with babies referred to as a ‘clump of cells’, to which the theory of natural selection reaffirms. The breakdown of absolutes has even seeped into the most essential of rights, the inherent value of human life. According to the world health organisation, 40-50 million abortions take place every year, dwarfing Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler and Mao Zedong combined.

Such acceptance of evolutionary dogma, distorts our moral compass, as natural selection devalues human life and forms the foundation of cultural Marxism. This breeds a pervading zeitgeist of ‘social justice’, as morality degrades to a material experience of hedonism and individual ‘real-world’ experiences, based on emotion and feeling.

The danger to come

This is what fuels leftist hysteria and a perpetual cycle of socio-political conflict, as Francis Schaffer remarks:

There must be an absolute if there are to be morals, and there must be an absolute if there are to be real values. If there are no absolutes beyond man ideas, then there is no final appeal to judge between individuals and groups whose moral judgments conflict.

Such a postmodern lie of a ‘pluralist society’ and no single truth, has now seeped its way into contemporary thinking. This adds petrol to the never-ending flames of the ‘culture war’. The shifting sands of human opinion have destroyed our understanding of absolutes and a higher moral standard, corroding religious institutes and theology. This cultural war, tribalism and misplaced social justice is underpinned by the acceptance of evolutionary theory and natural selection, for if by chance we (a clump of cells) have no ethical compass, the hedonistic material dialectic, is our only guideline for our individual understanding of right and wrong.

Why is such disunity dangerous? Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, paraphrased Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu from “The Art of War”, and concludes:

Fighting on the battlefield is the most stupid and primitive way of fighting a war. The highest art of warfare is not a fight at all, but to subvert anything of value in your opponent’s country – be it moral traditions, religion, respect to the authority of leaders, cultural traditions or anything… when a country is disoriented and confused, demoralised and destabilised then the crisis will come.

It doesn’t take much to see how Australia has mimicked such disunity, as Scott Morrison’s authority as Prime Minister has been undermined on a significant level, as he visits bush fire affected areas, it seems his reception as a ‘f*ck wit’ and the moral tradition people even shaking his hand and engage in polite debate, even though they disagree, stems from such a divisive doctrine pushed by the left. A standard by which we treat people has been replaced by emotions and how “I feel”.


We should seek higher value and a moral compass in something firmer than the quicksands of evolutionary theory before we lose our feet.

It seems Jesus got it right in the Gospel of Luke:

Every Kingdom divided against itself, is laid waste, and a divided household falls.

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