The Canberra Rally for Freedom Is a Massive Game-Changer

There is one thing that will always be with us: those who want to tyrannically rule over others. But there is also this: those who will resist such tyranny. 

There is one thing that will always be with us: those who want to tyrannically rule over others. But there is also this: those who will resist such tyranny. The desire for freedom from tyranny, oppression and injustice runs deep in so many people. So as the tyrants rule, the masses either submit like sheep, or they start to rise up against the oppression.

We are seeing this happening all over the Western world. People are sick of the lies, the spin, the propaganda, and the narrative. They are rising up and taking a stand. They want their freedoms back. They want their basic human rights back. They want their liberties back. They are angry and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

Right now one of the biggest rallies in Australian history is taking place in Canberra. Inspired by the freedom convoy in Canada, it is a stirring sight to see hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens telling Big Government and Big Media they have had enough.

Indeed, what has been happening in Canada has been one of the amazing events of this century so far. Just as late last century people power around the world resulted in the Berlin Wall coming down and the end of godless communism, so here we are seeing a people power revolution in action.

In Canada, there has been so much inspiring action taking place. There have been no riots and looting and cities burning down as when Black Lives Matter and other militant leftist causes took place. People throughout Canada have supported the truckers. They have made them meals and sheltered them. They have contributed millions of dollars to the cause.

When tyrannical governments sought to wipe out the protest, people power again sprang into action. When truckers were denied the right to get petrol, ordinary Canadians in the thousands brought them jerry cans full of petrol. But we must pray for these brave truckers and their supporters.

Trudeau has been a full-tilt Stalin here, making life hellish for the freedom fighters. And this just in from Ontario: “Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency over the ‘siege’ in Ottawa and trucker blockades at border crossings saying those who refuse to leave will face ‘severe’ consequences including $100,000 fines and even jail time.”

These tyrants are acting just like tyrants always act; with brute force, violence and oppression. Crackdown on freedom and democracy in order to stay in power and control. This is a real war, folks.

As to what is happening in the nation’s capital right now, it continues to grow and expand. While the lamestream media seems to be ignoring it, the alternative media is showing us an absolutely massive rally with people from all over the nation still pouring in.

I know many people personally who have made the long trip there. I wish I could be there myself. And most of the folks I know who are there are committed, on-fire Christians. They know that this is ultimately a spiritual battle. They know that freedom matters. And they know that freedom is all of a piece – when freedoms are taken away in one area, they will be taken away in other areas.

One very keen Christian who has been behind much of this is the fantastic Graham Hood. The former Qantas pilot first made huge waves last year when he posted a very moving and powerful video about what was happening in this country with all the mandates, lockdowns, statist coercion and health fascism. It went viral overnight and was seen by hundreds of thousands of people. I first discussed it here.

Graham has sent out this prayer request about what is now happening:

I need massive prayer. Satan is not even hiding himself here. I am being protected by good people but threats have been made against my life and I have been ordered to stop praying at the rallies. Hundreds of people have come to be baptised and we have no facility to do it nor the time. I must go home after the rally for medical reasons and I fought. I will return. I am almost totally crushed by all this. I can’t believe what Jesus went through if this is any judge. Please gather as many as you can to cover me. It’s that serious. Whatever happens, pray that God be glorified.

He is one of so many brave Christians fighting for our freedoms. When I attended the massive freedom marches in Melbourne late last year – rallies that drew several hundred thousand marchers each – everywhere I looked there were Christians. They were singing, dancing, praying and evangelising.

But some folks still don’t get it. Why these marches for freedom? One social media post making the rounds tries to explain:

For all the people who don’t understand what the freedom protests around the world are about
Convoy to the Capital… Why?
Well here’s why…
It’s for the family members banned from visiting loved ones in nursing homes.
It’s for the people who couldn’t attend funerals and bury their loved ones.
It’s for censorship on all social media platforms.
It’s for all the people too afraid to speak up in fear of being called conspiracy theorists.
It’s for the people who willingly got the J because they were told it would end the lockdowns.
It’s for the people who willingly got the J so they could open their business again, only to be told they can’t.
It’s for all the people who can no longer buy homes because of housing unaffordability and unavailability.
It’s for the people who didn’t want to get J but were coerced to.
It’s for the people who don’t want to give up their freedom of choice.
It’s for the people who only want answers to the many questions that haven’t been answered.
It’s for the people told to be too afraid to hug their family and visit their friends.
It’s for the kids to go back to being kids and to stop having to live their lives revolving around politicians’ whims.
It’s for all the religious people who were told their faith “doesn’t count”.
It’s for all the families that lost a loved one to suicide.
It’s for all the people who took their own lives due to this entrapment.
It’s for the mental health advocates that love and care but who aren’t being supported and heard.
It’s for our people too, especially our teenagers, who can’t access the mental health services and counselling that they so much need.
It’s for all the thousands of nurses, doctors, police, emergency services of all kinds, teachers, early childhood workers & many other trade workers who have lost their job due to not wanting to have the J for their own personal beliefs.
It’s for the people who want their lives back.
For the restaurants to serve food to everyone.
For the bars to play music.
For the students to learn.
For the kids to be free.
For the people made homeless.
For people who want to work but are forced not to.
This is for those people.
This is for trying to silence honest and hardworking citizens.
This is for all the people told they can’t go to church.
This is for trying to steal local water assets via Three Waters Reform.
This is for trying to restrict our freedom of speech, our fundamental democratic right.
This is for trying to remove our religious freedoms through shaming & bullying.
This is for spending billions on advertising campaigns instead of using it to actually care for our sick & elderly.
What a shame!
This is for the abuse taking place in our long term care facilities that have been swept under the rug for too long.
This is for the sufferers of adverse side effects being ignored & shamed.
This is for the lives that we lost to the J.
We will never forget you nor will we stop fighting for the justice we deserve.
This is for trying to demonise good people.
This is for trying to create a two-tier society.
Never in my life have I ever seen the healthy punished and the sick untreated…
Why have we made the cure worse than the problem itself?
This is for the 300,000 surgeries canceled because of the “health emergency”.
This is for the people that died waiting for their surgery.
This is for the people who died alone in the hospital without being able to hold the hands of their loved ones.
This is for everyone, even those that don’t think they need it, it’s for them and their children too.
This is for the shattered relationships of families and friends, divided by the hysterical fear-mongering conducted by their government and media.
This is for the exhausted nurses.
This is for the doctors that are threatened.
This is for all the front line workers… delivery trucks, grocery store clerks & emergency service workers who are constantly working overtime.
This too is for our children, who we teach to stand strong, bold & firm.
May they be able to stand tall once again and declare too that they have a dream.
But finally this is for everyone of us, may we all be one people again.
“Courage is infectious & so is Unity.”

I close with how an alternative media site is describing the action. Their headline alone is terrific: “The Day Australia Changed Forever. 12 February 2022. Protesters Ring Australia’s National Capital”. The piece begins:

They’ve come with their dogs. They’ve come with their kids. They’ve come with their hearts. There are an estimated 200,000 protesters on one Canberra campsite alone. Today is the Ground Zero of days; when the nation stood up and said no to the authoritarian derangement which has overtaken the country.

In one telling incident, last night the police declared the Epic camp site on the outskirts of Canberra to be full and blocked the entrance. A crowd instantly gathered, chanting “Let them in, let them in”. An opera singer boomed out from the chaos: “Australian sons let us rejoice, for we are young and free.” And within the hour, the police were forced into an ignominious retreat, and once again the cars, trucks and caravans, estimated at some 350 an hour, continued to pour in through the night.

The atmosphere is absolutely electric; some say “spirit drenched”. “You will be telling your grandchildren you were here. They cannot take our freedom.” Many people say exactly the same thing: “I was drawn to be here.” “This is a big victorious day, a great day,” declared one protester.

I and millions of other ordinary Australians are absolutely thrilled to see this taking place. I have real hope now for this nation – hope that I did not have for a very long time. People are waking up and they are standing up for freedom. Wonderful!

It is time to take our country back!

Photo: Instagram/@rhys7thomas

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