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The Problem of White Supremacists

There is a new narrative being diligently spun by the leftist media complex, despite all evidence to the contrary. Apparently, white supremacists are responsible for all the mass shootings since Trump got elected. Of course, the Democrat Presidents who previously oversaw the epidemic of violence in America bore no responsibility whatsoever. And journalists are never ever biased or bigoted.

As you can see from the picture below of the suspects accused of killing four or more people in one incident this year alone, it’s more than a little bit of a stretch to diagnose white supremacy as the common thread. For the asinine fools who need me to say it for the record: I condemn violence towards and hatred of individuals or groups of people. It’s immoral and sinful, of course.

Image: Andrew Reece

What if Trump Derangement Syndrome and fixating on the weapons available didn’t obscure our vision of the underlying problem? Could we then see a path to a significant reduction of this “terrorism”? I see only a difference of scale between the horror of daily murder in the streets of America and her abortion clinics. The common thread is not white supremacy, but self supremacy.

It is the post-modern vanity of denying the Deity and exalting personal autonomy that is to blame for America’s gun violence, mass shootings, and genocide of a million innocent living humans every year. Since the sexual revolution, the lie has been promoted through the culture that destroying the carefully observed boundaries of propriety and indulging our feelings will solve the world’s problems. Adolescent boomers were taught “Make love, not war” would literally end aggression across the globe by indiscriminate sex with no strings attached. Many needed little persuading.

The natural mutation of that mantra over generations has resulted in millennials demanding their increasingly fantastic and novel rights and completely abandoning all sense of responsibility to their fellow man. Instead of improving themselves to create a better world, they’re told they’re “okay” as they are and it’s the traditional boundaries and institutions which need “fixing”. They authorise themselves to become judge, jury and literally executioner of anyone who even remotely threatens their self-gratifying lifestyle. Relativistic autonomy is the radical secularists’ idol, the eternal Truth of Christianity their stumbling block, so God and His Word must be destroyed.

Plainly civilisation and democracy can only survive when the demos is virtuous. The evidence is not only in the headlines but in the ascendancy of entitled outrage, such as on the road between drivers where courtesy was once the rule. Need I say much about the vile abuse facilitated by misuse of social media? Protesters physically assault police and private citizens going to hear a speech they disagree with. Dissenters with the dominant discourse are characterised as the worst of humanity: racists, misogynists and even “literally Hitler” with total disregard for reality.

There is no realistic hope that banning weapons or hate speech will improve American society or safety. There must be adherence to an objective standard beyond mob mentality, bad law or one’s self. What is required is humility in authority and autonomy, accountability to the Higher Power, responsibilities to neighbours trumping vain rights, and cooperation with God’s natural law. The solution is for Americans to permit Him back in public life and adhere to their once sincere motto “In God we trust.”

If Americans (and the rest of humanity) would understand what it means to be “One nation under God”, then and only then will there be hope they will stop leading the world in vanity and violence.

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