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Sydney mural mocking Israel Folau says, “Go to hell, a–hole”

A new mural has been unveiled on the wall of a Sydney hotel, mocking Israel Folau and depicting the former rugby star as a self-righteous, money-hungry beggar.

The Australian Family Coalition shared photographs of the mural on social media today, pointing out that hidden within the artwork is the phrase, “Go to hell, a–hole.”

The mural, painted by Scott Marsh on the side of the Botany View Hotel in Newtown, shows Folau sitting on a milk crate in front of a Lamborghini begging for donations to put towards his property portfolio.

“The righteous shall taketh from the punters, for the divinity of one’s property portfolio is most sacred in the eyes of the Lord. Amen!” the mural reads.

The artwork includes a fake BSB and account number which, when turned upside down, says: “Go to hell, a–hole.”

The message is blatant hypocrisy, considering Folau never wished hell upon anyone. There’s an enormous difference between warning people of hell and wishing they’d go burn there for all eternity.

Ironically, there’s also a sign above Folau’s head that reads: “Stop bigotry!” According to the Oxford Dictionary, bigotry is “intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.”

Did Folau demonstrate intolerance towards others? Did he call for the exclusion of players he disagreed with? Not at all! He voiced his own opinion, an opinion which his critics refused to tolerate, an opinion that ultimately cost him his career.

So, who is guilty of bigotry in this story? Folau for expressing an opinion or his critics for refusing to tolerate his opinion? To cite Sproul Jr once again, “Tolerance was never the goal. Approval is. We who give the former and not the latter will not be tolerated.”

Source: Australian Family Coalition
Source: Australian Family Coalition

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