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School children as young as SIX taught about ‘self-stimulating’ their ‘private parts’ in the ‘bath, shower, or bed’

More than 240 primary schools in the UK have introduced lessons on “self-stimulation” for children as young as six.

The lessons are part of a new sex education program called All About Me, which is designed to be taught in accordance with the compulsory Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) classes.

A teaching manual, published by the Mail on Sunday, encourages educators to teach kids aged six to ten about “the rules of self-stimulation.”

Included in the manual is a section called “Touching Myself”, where teachers are advised to tell children that “lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice.”

The manual goes on to say: “They might play with their hair, stroke their skin or they may even touch their private parts. This is really very normal. However, some people may get cross or say that it is dirty, especially when you touch your own privates.

“This is strange as it is really very normal,” the manual adds. “However, it is not polite to do it when other people are about. It is something we should only do when we are alone, perhaps in the bath or shower or in bed, a bit like picking your nose, it is certainly not polite to do in class when everyone is watching.”

Concerned parents slammed the new program, with some reportedly removing their children from school when the lessons are taught.

Matthew Seymour told the Mail: “This sexualisation of our children is just totally inappropriate.

“They are calling it self-touching and they won’t use the term masturbation, but when you read it that’s exactly what they’re talking about.”

Conservative MP David Davies said: “These classes go way beyond the guidance the Government is producing and are effectively sexualising very young children.”

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