Academic Calls for Royal Commission Into Australia’s Totalitarian Response to COVID-19

“We need a Royal Commission into the madness and tyranny endured over the last two years.”

Australians have turned up in massive numbers for the seventh time to protest the abuse of power inherent within the country’s totalitarian response to COVID-19.

Pro-freedom protesters took to the streets on Saturday demonstrating against unconstitutional vaccine mandates, and the continuing of “vax or the axe” government overreach, as well as the extension of “emergency powers” Premiers (mostly Labor) have lavished on themselves, using the Communist Chinese virus as the pretence for a power grab.

Saturday’s march marks the last big anti-tyranny demonstration before the May 21, federal election.

A highlight from Sydney’s Freedom Rally was an 8-minute speech from Dr. Stephen Chavura.

Known for his consistent opposition to ‘therapeutic totalitarianism’, and his grasp of the threat “trendy” authoritarian reflexes present to Australia’s constitutional democracy, the bold, no-nonsense academic told those gathered, “we are at a crux point in our history.”

He explained:

“There is no doubt in my mind that the coming election, the 21st May is an historic election. In fact, I think the coming elections around the world, certainly the mid-terms in America, and 2024, are historic elections.

“We are going to determine whether we succumb to soft-totalitarianism – where we are governed or ruled by corporations and faceless people from around the globe – or whether we remain free.”

Identifying three fronts in the woke religion’s culture wars, the history academic asserted:

“This has been coming for decades. There are forces out there – they’re members of our parliament, we’ve got technocrats and bureaucrats – not just in Australia, but around the world who would like to make us subservient to an unholy trinity.”

He listed the first of this woke unholy trinity as “sustainability, which is climate alarmism.”

The second, “equity, which is “you will own nothing and be happy.”

Lastly, “inclusivity, which,” Dr. Charvura said, “is basically just wokeness, cancel culture – teaching kids’ confusion about who they are and things like that; the great awokening.”

Doubling down on the who, and the what, liberty-loving voters are up against, the history lecturer stated:

“There’s a sense in which this coming election is going to be Australia’s green light, or Australia’s red light to those sorts of people.

“Voting in this next election will be absolutely vital, because this will be the green light or the red light to ‘The Great Reset’ and ‘The Great Awokening.’ We want to send out a big message, that if you want to do this, you’re not going to do it without a fight. We’re going to put up a fight and that’s going to start on the 21st May this year.”

Chavura also used the speech to indirectly encourage Australians to ditch the donkey vote.

The crowd was told to take their vote seriously because supporting the right candidates was the only way to improve the quality of politics, and politicians in Australia.

He then called for a Royal Commission into the management of COVID-19, and the excuses used to justify government overreach.

The academic veteran declared, “We need a Royal Commission into the madness and tyranny endured over the last two years.”

Offering 10 reasons for why a Royal Commission was necessary. Dr. Chavura made a pointed argument against the excess, and the suffering this excess has caused.

Beginning with lockdowns, a Royal Commission was necessary, in order to get to the bottom of their purpose, and their health effects.

Secondly, he insisted that AHPRA needed to be held to account for, “its attempts to gag [Australian] doctors, telling Doctors not to tell us not to do anything about COVID other than to take the vaccinations.”

Next on the list was “why our hospitals were not prepped for all of this?”

“The justification given for the lockdowns and mandates is that the hospitals wouldn’t be able to cope otherwise. Well let’s assume that’s true,” Dr. Chavura said, “why wouldn’t they be able to cope?”

He explained:

“People have been talking for over a decade that a pandemic was on the way. We had a year break between the first lockdown and the second lockdown, why wasn’t that year taken advantage of to equip our hospitals; no, they just locked us all down again. It would have been cheaper to equip the hospitals than spend $100s of billions of dollars that we did on the lockdowns.”

In addition, any such Royal Commission should include asking the TGA, “why early intervention was banned and banned so early.”

Chavura stated:

“We need a Royal Commission into [the TGA’s] suppression of early treatment medications for those who did not want to take a vaccine that had been brought out very, very quickly, whose side affects were not known, some of which had been banned in some countries; and into the adverse effects on people, we know and love.”  

Citing legal indemnity granted to COVID-19 “vaccine” producers, specifically Pfizer’s demand to keep its “vaccine” data secret for 75-years, Chavura questioned the morality and irrationality of the vaccine mandates, exclaiming:

“We need a Royal Commission into the morality of the vaccine mandates; the morality of forcing people to take a chemical substance into their bodies that they did not want…How is that moral? How is that treating people like citizens, as opposed to subjects?

“We need a Royal Commission into the rationality of the mandates. How many teachers lost their jobs because they were told it was unsafe for them to come into work, come onto their campuses. Unvaccinated teachers are kicked out, vaccinated teachers stay, vaccinated teachers get COVID, vaccinated teachers spread COVID, all the while hundreds of unvaccinated students run around the campus bringing in COVID anyway. Unvaccinated teachers still aren’t able to work in NSW. Shame. Shame. Shame.”

Part of this undertaking would be “a huge Royal Commission into vaccine injuries, especially [vaccine injuries] to women.”

Dr. Chavura then argued, “We [also] want to know what were the effects of all of this on public trust in institutions in Australia?”

“It’s great to have a fantastic citizenry, but we also need to have trust in our institutions; if you don’t have trust in your liberal democratic institutions, in your laws, then everything just grinds to a halt. It turns into chaos. It turns into conflict, people stop voting, the whole thing gets taken over by corrupt politicians, corrupt technocrats.”

He then reasserted the need to vote right, and encouraged protestors to disconnect from legacy media’s manipulative propaganda, saying:

“What we really need to be doing in the future is unplug our heads from the sewerage, and the effluent that has been tipping into our heads by so much of the mainstream media.

“It’s not just about COVID, it’s about the things that they are telling our children in Netflix, and in Disney – the indoctrination.”

The short speech concluded with Dr. Chavura instructing freedom protestors from the old axiom, to get government right, put God over government:

“We need to remember that we are not to be dominated by our governments; that we are not to be dominated by our corporations; and that we go forward as lovers of liberty, and lovers of justice.

“Not humbly relying on the blessing of the government or corporations, but as the preamble of our constitution says, humbly relying on the blessings of almighty God.”


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