Salvation Army Retracts CRT Training Manual in Response to Constructive Criticism

“The decision to retract the training manual is not a win for critics, it’s a win for the good people, and good work done by the Salvos.”

The Salvation Army has retracted a training manual promoting Critical Race Theory.

The training manual which included language promoted by the Black Lives Matter (Inc.) movement, was “removed for review” after heavy criticism last week.

Critics of CRT exposed The Salvation Army’s naïve alignment with the blatantly Marxist organisation’s “all white people are racist,” “oppressed vs. oppressor,” intersectionality rubric.

The alignment caused an uproar among donors. ‘Colour Us United,’ president, Kenny Xu, led the outpouring of constructive criticism offered to The Salvation Army.

He rightly claimed the SA’s training material was “indistinguishable” from race-baiting, so-called “anti-racist programs expounding critical race theory in corporations and major universities.”

In response to a Salvation Army U.S. post on Twitter (now deleted), Xu asked the SA, “How is The Salvation Army racist?”

Elsewhere Xu was quoted as saying: “[The Salvos] spend their entire lives serving the poor. There is absolutely no reason to even suggest or insinuate repentance for their supposed complicity in racism.”

There is just cause for Xu’s concerns.

First, The Salvation Army’s (apparently unintentional) alignment with CRT implies an indirect partnership with Black Lives Matter.

Second, Black Lives Matter and the faux “anti-racist” industrial complex, couldn’t be more incompatible with the Christian community and its inclusive Biblical view that there is only the human race, and that race is a race of sinners.

BLM is a far-left organisation, which is on record as stating that it seeks to dismantle the mother/father/child family “heteronormative” unit. They are in favour of terminating life in the womb and are religiously committed to advancing the 2SLGBTQAAI+ ideology.

Third, Marxism is the religion of atheists. It is an ideological movement inherently without Christ, because it presents itself as an alternative Christ, and is therefore incompatible with Christianity.

This was illustrated by the words of György Lukács, the father of modern Marxism: “you cannot just sample Marxism […] you must be converted to it.”

Additionally, French intellectual juggernaut, Jacques Ellul, in his tome on Christianity and Marxism published in 1988, asserted: “Communism never truly defended the poor: only those who were useful to the revolution.”

Ellul added, “Situating everything in Marxism is intellectual terrorism.’ We prostitute the Gospel when Christianity is filtered through Marxist’s presuppositions. Marxism reduces Christianity to be its subordinate.” (Jesus & Marx – slightly paraphrased)

Discussing the controversy, Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, the national commander of the Salvation Army in the United States told CBN:

“The mission of the Salvation Army is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and meet human needs in his name without discrimination. That’s never changed and it’s not going to change in the days to come.”

He explained:

“Clearly that document was causing confusion amongst our people and externally,” the national commander explained. “We’ve removed it for review and we’ll put something up in the future that is closely aligned to the mission statement that I referred to earlier.” 

Dismissing concerns about the correlation between their training material on racism and Critical Race Theory, The Salvation Army’s leadership appear to hope the scandal quietly disappears.

The decision to retract the training manual is not a win for critics, it’s a win for the good people, and good work done by the Salvos.

You can donate to The Salvation Army’s 2021 Christmas Appeal here: Leave no one in need.

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