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Popular bridal magazine under fire for their ‘silence’ on same-sex marriage.

Popular Hunter Valley based bridal magazine White has come under fire for refusing to feature same-sex couples in their privately own publication.

Photographer Lara Hotz said she asked the magazine multiple times if they would feature non-heterosexual couples. The editor reportedly told Hotz, “We aren’t sharing Same Sex weddings at this point”.

“I imagine the majority of LGBTQI persons would be feeling hurt regarding not being represented equally or at all,” Hotz told AAP.

More than 100 vendors and contributors to the magazine have since reportedly said they are boycotting White Magazine and will no longer submit wedding shoots, provide content, or use the magazine to advertise their business, according to ABC News.

Advertiser and photographer Ona Janzen said, “If I had known they don’t support SSM I wouldn’t have chosen to spend a good portion of my marketing funds with their magazine, on principle.”

Florist Alisha Bisgrove said on Facebook, “I was once proud to have my work in these pages but am now ashamed.”

Sandra Henri, advertiser and eco-wedding expert, told AAP, she was disappointed with White’s “silence” on the day the postal survey result was announced. “The silence has continued since then,” she said.

As Stephen McAlpine rightly pointed out, hate speech used to be the problem. Now silence is being interpreted equally as hateful.

White’s a private publication by the way. Not a government department’s publication or some such. So I guess there can be no actual edict from above declaring that it change its ways. All that can be done is for the rage to be maintained.

But well maintained rage is the new black banning of our culture, and with social media well and truly in the outraged’s fold, it will bring White down, no doubt about it.

…you don’t have to have a stated stance. You just have to have a quiet decision. Either way you’re going to run afoul of the Sexular Culture.

Why not support White Magazine by ‘liking’ their Facebook page and picking up a copy of their magazine.

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