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Police and security remove cricket fans displaying “It’s OK to be white” banner.

Police and security guards removed three men from Optus Stadium after the trio displayed a banner which read, “It’s OK to be white.”

According to The West Australian, the banner was hung from the top tier for less than a minute before the men rolled it up and walked away.

“It is not clear if any futher action will be taken against the men as the decision is understood to lie with Cricket Australia.”

Channel Ten have praised the actions of authorities for removing the men saying, “There’s no place for this in our society.”

“Why don’t they unfold that in Johannesburg?” Studio10 host Joe Hildebrand said. “Go to a cricket match in Durban. See if you make it out of the stadium alive then. I think it was good they were booted out.”

What exactly is Hildebrand trying to say? That there are still some racist people in the world that need convincing that it’s OK to be white? Apparently that’s OK. And suggesting otherwise, well that’s just an unacceptable grab for attention.


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