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Peter FitzSimons: ‘If James Slipper chooses to take cocaine… it’s none of my damn business’

It’s obvious. Peter FitzSimons doesn’t like Israel Folau. Earlier this month the Herald columnist berated the rugby start for expressing a biblical view of sexuality on his personal social media accounts.

“I am GOBSMACKED by your actions,” FitzSimons wrote. “Your delusions, your arrogance, the sheer stupidity, not to mention venality of posting such a link.”

“You are embarrassing yourself,” FitzSimons continued. “And your posts are embarrassing rugby. We need to get to the point soon where you are only embarrassing yourself.”

Now, in a remarkable display of hypocrisy, Peter FitzSimons has told Channel Nine’s Sunday Sports panel that it’s none of his business if a rugby player uses drugs.

If James Slipper chooses to take cocaine on a Saturday night, it’s none of my damn business. And I said exactly the same when Ben Barber, you know, in his celebrations after winning with Cronulla in 2015. I wish he wouldn’t do it, it’s none of my damned business…

Nobody drug tests us. Why are they drug testing the footballers? It’s not anything to do with their performance. With James Slipper, I just feel like we’re intruding into his personal life.

Mark Latham rightly responded on Twitter to FitzSimons’ comments saying, “But if Israel Folau chooses to believe the Bible every two-bit Leftie in town, including the Red Pirate, wants him kicked out of rugby. Go figure.”


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