Pastor Gives MUST HEAR Speech at State Capitol, Slams Compromised Pro-Life Industry

“Our greatest foe in this fight is the pro-life industry,” Pastor Durbin said.

Pastor Jeff Durbin has delivered a powerful speech at the South Carolina Capitol in the hearing of legislators, describing the compromised pro-life industry as the greatest foe to pro-life Christians and their fight for justice.

Durbin, the pastor of Apologia Church in Arizona, gave the speech last week noting the pro-life industry’s opposition in numerous states to bills that would establish equal justice for all human beings.

According to Durbin, the pro-life industry leader in Arizona urged legislators not to vote on the bill and instead proposed an effectively irrelevant alternative (SB1457), that allows parents to abort their babies provided their stated purpose for the abortion is not to avoid having a Downs syndrome child.

Another bill, proposed by the pro-life industry, allowed for abortions in the state but required the infants receive a proper burial after they are killed. A move, which Durbin likened to permitting the killing of Jews at Auschwitz, provided they’re properly buried.

“Our greatest foe in this fight is the pro-life industry,” Pastor Durbin said. “You have to accept that I’m not talking about pro-life Christians. Christians are pro-life… I’m talking about the industry that refuses to establish equal justice. We have had bills of abolition, bills of criminalization, bills that define what’s in the womb as human and deserving equal of protection. We’ve had those in numerous states, and the greatest opposition has been from the pro-life industry leaders who refuse to be consistent with their profession. They say that it’s human from conception, and as soon as the Church gets involved and says, ‘Let’s do that then. Let’s establish justice. Let’s have equal protection for all human beings.’ The pro-life industry leaders war against it.”

Why the opposition? According to Durbin, it’s because of the “dirty little secret of the pro-life industry.” What is that “dirty little secret”? Durbin explains:

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