Parler CEO and Family Forced Into Hiding After Receiving Death Threats, Security Breaches

Parler CEO John Matze and his family have been forced into hiding after receiving death threats and security breaches, a court filing from Parler’s legal team has revealed.

Parler CEO John Matze and his family have been forced into hiding after receiving death threats and security breaches, a court filing from Parler’s legal team has revealed.

According to the filing, which was obtained by Fox News, Matze and his family fled their home after Matze’s street address was published online, along with threatening messages, following widespread media vilification of Parler.

Parler’s employees have also been subjected to harassment and threats. Matze noted in the filing that many employees are “suffering harassment and hostility, fear for their safety and that of their families, and in some cases have fled their homes state to escape persecution.”

The alternative social media platform, which attracted conservatives and Trump supporters, was removed from Apple and Google last week, following the protest at the Capitol. Soon after, Amazon took down the entire website from its web hosting services claiming Parler violated company standards.

In response, Parler filed an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon, who subsequently countersued, claiming it has “no legal basis” and alleging its employees are the ones facing threats and harassment, Fox News reported.

However, many have noted that Amazon’s decision to pull Parler may have more to do with political censorship than it does a violation of some sort of company standard.

Amazon has come under fire in the past for selling and profiting off the sales of hardcore pornographic films, gratuitously violent movies, Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf,’ films accused of glorifying rape, sex dolls, and paedophilic-themed products.

According to Life News: “The Media Research Center found at least 204 examples of merchandise sold on Amazon that promoted violence, either toward President Donald Trump, Republicans or members of the police force. Riot gear, including tasersbrass knuckles and stun sticks were also sold. Some of these violent products included a flag with a graphic image of Trump blowing his brains out, a mug with the slogan ‘Where is Lee Harvey Oswald now that we really need him?’ and a black T-shirt with a red slogan, ‘Kill All Republicans.’ The shirt that urged the death of Republicans was even a sponsored listing on Amazon.”

Last month, Amazon’s Kindle Store was accused of hosting “a sea of pornographic and rape fantasy books.” In September, it was reported that a horrified mother found sex dolls on Amazon “made using her 8-year-old daughter’s image.”

Prior to that, the company was accused of “promoting pedophilia” by selling children’s t-shirts and baby onesies with the phrase “Daddy’s Little Sl*t” printed on them. Other items of children’s clothing included the phrases “Daddy’s Little F*** Toy” and “Daddy’s Drinking Buddy.”

Then again, it’s been rightly said, if the Left didn’t have double-standards, they’d have no standards at all.

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