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Of Course, They Hate the Flag – Do You Know What It Represents?

Did you know the Australian flag is the most overtly Christian flag that any country has ever raised?

Federal Greens leader Adam Bandt removed the Australian flag from behind the lectern in a press conference on Monday, describing it as a hurtful and racist symbol to many Indigenous Australians.

The move, which has been rightly slammed as ‘idiotic,’ represents the latest irrational expression of the Left’s long-held animosity towards the Australian flag.

But there is perhaps another reason why these sorts hate the flag, and it’s not because of the injustices it supposedly represents.

The Australian flag not only signifies Australian values and nationalistic sentiments, both of which are utterly despised by the Left, it is also the most overtly Christian flag that any country has ever raised.

Dr Francis Nigel Lee explains:

“It needs to be remembered that the Australian flag unites the three Christian crosses of England, Ireland, and Scotland in the Union Jack – the Christian crosses of St George, St Patrick and St Andrew – with the Southern Cross.”

Top: England (St George); Ireland (St Patrick); Bottom: Scotland (St Andrew); United Kingdom (Union Jack)

Dr Lee said it is “hard to imagine the flag of any country with a more graphic Christian significance.”

Almost every element on the flag is a Christian symbol – four crosses in total. The flag stands as a perpetual reminder that Australia must recognise itself in subjection to Jesus’ Lordship over all nations.

God over government, Christ over Caesar, Scripture over the state. Little wonder it’s attracted the contempt of the Left.