Northern Ireland Schools Forced to Adopt Pro-Abortion Curriculum

“…this could potentially mean a Drag Queen is allowed to teach biology in a secondary school, whereas a pro-life biologist is not.”

Northern Ireland’s schools are being forced to teach secondary school kids where they can get an abortion.

Speaking through a statement dated June 6, Chris Heaton-Harris, NI’s Secretary of State said, “It was his legal duty to act on 2018 recommendations made by the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).’

The “conservative” member for Daventry explained he’d laid regulations in Parliament, making “reproductive health and rights” compulsory curriculum.

Although aborting life in the womb was only legalised in 2019, Heaton-Harris claimed the territory was way behind the U.K.’s progressive adoption of pro-abortion “education.”

Repeatedly using the misnomer “reproductive health,” he implied that teachers were failing students, because Northern Ireland’s kids were ‘still not receiving comprehensive and scientifically accurate education on sexual rights.’

Part of his grim diktat includes teaching them how, and where they can access Abortuaries.

Framing abortion as an apolitical issue, Heaton-Harris asserted, “educating adolescents on contraception, and access to abortion, should be impartial, and free of moral, and ethical considerations.”

Unsurprisingly, the NI Secretary of State didn’t respond to CP asking whether “scientifically accurate” included educating secondary students on the process and outcome of abortion.

While there are ‘mechanisms in place to ensure parents can opt-out of the Sex, and Relationship Education (SRE) classes,’ schools will be monitored for compliance.

The 2019 SRE guidelines are 50 pages, partitioned into 120 sections.

Section 31 decries ‘sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and gender stereotypes.’

Sections 36-37, reassert that LGBT party members have ‘protected’ status, and states that ‘pupils must be taught LGBT content’ as part of the curriculum.

Sections 40-44 note the value of parental involvement.

Sections 45-50 back this by offering an opt-out clause for parents.

However, Section 47 appears to negate both.

The guidelines permit schools to go behind the backs of parents ‘3 school terms before’ the child turns 16 – which is the current age of consent in the U.K.

Of importance, Section 53 of the SRE guidelines allows visitors ‘with specialised knowledge’ to teach kids, as long as a teacher is present.

Given the current political climate, this could potentially mean a Drag Queen is allowed to teach biology in a secondary school, whereas a pro-life biologist is not.

The precedent for this was set by a recent Teaching Regulatory Authority ruling which effectively declared biology to be bigotry.

In case you missed it, Christian Maths teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe was banned from teaching in the U.K. after a 3 panel determined the teacher’s assertions about basic binary biological science blasphemed transgenderism.

Accused of child abuse, his indefinite teaching ban was ultimately triggered by accusations Sutcliffe, so-called “misgendered” a student LGBT activist.

He was also scolded for teaching kids about masculinity, offering a critique of Same-sex marriage, and pointing out the inconsistencies in Islam.

Sutcliff’s impeccable character, and ability as a teacher, was noted, then dismissed.

The TRA panel clearly wanted to make an example out of the young teacher, charging him with exposing ‘pupils to inappropriate content.’

The panel said Sutcliffe had ‘failed ‘to treat pupils with dignity and/or respect and safeguard’ their ‘well-being.’

Northern Island’s schools won’t have to teach sex education to primary school students.

However, as part of the relationship category, Northern Ireland’s primary schools, both public and private, will have to teach gay marriage as a norm.

SRE guidelines dictate that at end of primary school kids must know, “Marriage represents a formal and legally recognised commitment of two people to each other which is intended to be lifelong.” (p.21)

This conditioning of kids appears to contradict Chris Heaton-Harris’ promise that the curriculum is pro-parent and considerate of religious freedom.

As the Secretary of State’s abuse of language illustrates, and the Woke shunning of Joshua Sutcliff decrees, an increasingly biased bureaucracy is empowering a hostile left-wing activist class.

Especially in the areas of education, and their belligerent opposition to protecting life, defending freedom, and teaching biological truths.

Far from achieving a well-rounded education, forced SRE lessons framing abortion as “reproductive rights” are nothing more than indoctrination.

There is no pro-life opposing viewpoint.

This is what makes Northern Ireland’s forced SRE compliance so devastating.

Activist teachers are likely to abuse the regulations and romanticise – as well as sanitise – the killing of a child in the womb.

The very same way they’re sanitising, and romanticising both LGBT practice and the movement’s trending, socially acceptable, political fascism.

Far-left falsehoods, cannot be reconciled with impartiality, and an unbiased schooling system, grounded on objective facts.

Why governments continue to think feelings matter more than facts, is a damning indictment of how shallow the West has become, and how weak its leaders now are.

Chris Heaton-Harris’s “conservative” initiative takes effect in July.

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