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“No dignity, no justice in it”: Nurse shattered after finding baby left to die following failed abortion, mother left inconsolable

In the early ’90s, Caren, an agency nurse in Sydney, Australia, came across a baby boy who was left alone to die next to a hospital clinical waste bin. The baby was born alive and left in a cold stainless steel kidney dish for about two hours after his mother decided to abort him at 20-weeks.

“I didn’t know what to do,” Caren said. “Because this was an abortion and you’re not allowed to intervene, I just did not know what to do. But there was nobody treating that baby. That baby was breathing and yet I couldn’t go and ring for the emergency team to come or I couldn’t get oxygen for the baby.

“I couldn’t put a blanket around the baby. I couldn’t pick the baby up. I couldn’t just comfort the baby while the baby was still breathing. I couldn’t treat that baby as any other baby in any other part of that hospital where you have babies at the same age being treated in incubators and being ventilated and being given every assistance to live and yet this baby was left in a sluice room in a kidney dish which was a cold stainless steel metal dish and just left to die.”

In a statement later released by Caren, she said: “The same evening I heard the baby’s mother weeping in her room, she was inconsolable. I wondered what she had been told, and if she was advised to abort her baby because he was considered imperfect.”


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