New Children’s Book Normalizing Abortion… For the Ones That Weren’t Killed

The creators said they hope to normalize abortion for young children by donating 300 copies of the book to the children’s section of libraries across the US.

And you thought Antiracist Baby was bad. There’s a new children’s picture book on its way, and it’s designed to form a positive view of abortion in the minds of young and impressionable “little ones.”

The kid’s book, entitled What’s an Abortion, Anyways?, is written by Carly Manes and illustrated by Emulsify, and boasts of being the only book for children under the age of 13 in the US to use the word “abortion.”

The book, which is “dedicated to anyone who has ever had or will ever have an abortion(s),” is described as a “medically accurate, non-judgemental, and gender-inclusive resource” for young children.

The goal, according to the creators, is to build a world for kids and adults where “abortion is normalized as another outcome of pregnancy, just like miscarriage and birth.”

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

“Parents, caretakers, and providers need and deserve a nonjudgemental, gender-inclusive, and medically accurate resource to use in discussions with children about abortion,” the book’s official website states.

According to Manes, the book was intentionally written to be gender-inclusive, which means it’s “devoid of gendered language.” The reason, she says, is because children must learn that “people of all genders have abortions.”

“Folks of all gender identities have abortions,” the books Instagram page states. “We know that, and we want to make sure kids know that too.”

Source: Instagram / whatsanabortionbook

The book, which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign that raised $23,492 from 546 backers, will be available in English and Spanish through the official website, with the intent to eventually sell in stores and through other online retailers.

The creators said they hope to normalize abortion for young children by donating 300 copies of the book to the children’s section of libraries across the US to be placed “next to all the books about pregnancy.”

Allie Beth Stuckey, host of ‘Relatable‘ shared a live reading of the book to Instagram saying, “But let us not think injustice in America has been abolished… We are still funding the murder of thousands of babies a day, and apparently, there are euphemistic CHILDREN’S BOOKS written glorifying it.”

Stuckey went on to say, “They never say baby or fetus or even ‘clump of cells.’ They just say ‘pregnancy.’ But kids are curious. They ask questions. ‘What’s a pregnancy? What does that mean? Isn’t pregnant what mommy was with me and my brother? I thought you said it was a baby in your belly? What happens to it in an abortion?”

Adding, “Let’s pray God uses this book and the conversations that will inevitably happen because of it to soften people’s hearts and to change their minds about abortion. What Satan means for evil, God can always use for good. From the mouths of babes!”

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