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MP attempts to criminalise criticism of abortion

A pro-abortion MP in the UK has reportedly pressured the police and local council to prevent pro-life groups from publicly criticising her extreme abortion proposals for Walthamstow.

In October 2019, Christian Hacking, a pro-life campaigner from the Centre for Bioethical Reform UK (CBR UK), was issued a Community Protection Notice (CPN) by Waltham Forest Council after peacefully displaying lawfully validated pictures of abortion in MP, Stella Creasy’s constituency.

According to Christian Concern, the council claimed that the images were responsible for “unreasonable behaviour that was persistent in nature” and had “a detrimental effect on the quality of life of others.”

The Metropolitan Police, however, took no action against the group after attending one of the rallies. Speaking with The Guardian, Police said no crimes or offences had been committed during the event, and no arrests were made. Police also said they did not receive any complaints about the contents of leaflets or posters use during the rally.

The following day, Creasy took to Twitter, saying she was “gobsmacked” by the Police response.

“Not only did I directly speak to officers to warn them in advance of this plan to harass and agree action last night, residents in Walthamstow also made complaints today as did I. Your claim to The Guardian is at best wrong and at worse…”

The next day, Creasy was on Twitter again, asking for the CEO of advertising company Clear Channel Direct after they approved a billboard opposing her abortion policies. Creasy also called out Metropolitan Police for deeming the billboard ‘free speech’ and not harassment.

“Twitter-can you get me the CEO of @CCUK_Direct advertising? how much did you get for this crap? @metpoliceuk still think this is just ‘free speech’ and not harassment of women in walthamstow? Am sorry for the graphic images and @patel4witham am reaching out to you for help now.”

In a video published by Christian Concern, Mr Hacking accused Creasy of repeatedly filling the airwaves with false allegations that CBR UK was engaging in a form of harassment, intimidation, illegitimate protest and inciting violence.

“The general public were told an MP was being targetted and harassed by an anti-abortion group,” he said. “The general public weren’t told that MPs, working via proxy through the council to not only shut down political opposition but to criminalise those who seek to oppose them peacefully.”

Mr Hacking went on to say, that if their group was guilty of things Creasy accused them of, they “would have been bundled into the back of a police car before our feet touched the ground.”

“It cannot be a functional, healthy democracy if MPs are allowed to decide who criticises them, how they criticise them, and when they criticise them. That’s why everyone, regardless of if they’re Christian or not, needs to pay careful attention to this case.”

Mr Hacking is set to appear in court this month to appeal the injunction. Breaching the notice while it stands is a criminal offence.

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