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Mark Latham says, Australians were lied to during the same-sex marriage debate: this is ‘chilling for all religious preachers and freedoms’

One Nation NSW leader Mark Latham has said Australians were lied to during the same-sex marriage debate after voters were repeatedly assured the legalisation of gay ‘marriage’ would not result in a loss of freedoms.

Mr Latham made the comments in a post on Facebook today, following news that the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board had accepted a complaint from an LGBTQ activist accusing Israel Folau of “homosexuality vilification”.

Campaigner Garry Burns took issue with the former rugby star’s “controversial” April Instagram post which warned hell awaits sinners who refuse to turn to Jesus for forgiveness, including homosexuals.

Mr Latham described the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board’s decision to persecute Israel Folau as “chilling” for all religious preachers and freedoms.

“During the SSM debate, we were told repeatedly no one would lose their freedom of speech to criticise gay marriage. This was a lie,” Mr Latham said.

“Folau is being dragged before NSW Anti-Discrimination Board for: 1. a religious/Bible preacher’s message to repent, 8 months ago. 2. his belief that God disapproves of same-sex marriage laws.

“How is this inciting hatred of gays, or ‘serious contempt’ and ridicule under NSW laws?

Mr Latham continued, “Section 49ZT of the Act has an exemption from ‘Homosexual vilification’ action for ‘religious instruction’, discussion, debate and ‘expositions of any act or matter’.”

“The s49zT exemption does not apply to Folau, apparently, meaning that an unelected NSW Government tribunal is now in the business of re-interpreting the Bible in the case of a religious preacher.

“NSW Anti-Discrimination Board decision to persecute Israel Folau is chilling for all religious preachers/freedoms.

“NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman must step in now and clean out the Anti-Discrim Board,” he added.

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