Love at the Edge of the Abyss

While Socialism might masquerade as a social force for good, it stalks through the world devouring the most important, sacred parts of civilisation.

Socialism has set on the West as a bloody sun, red and vicious. No one remembers when it began, but its twilight hours have tinted reality. The shape of the nation remains intact, but the haze paints strange shadows, leaving civilisation woozy – squinting at the threat like a half-drunk lunatic.

2020 has seen Western cities abused by packs of careless idiots enraptured by the thrill of power. The citizenry did nothing as thepillars of prosperity were torn down by barely literate children who had not read their history, let alone understood it. As bureaucracies tyrannified, the instinctual truths that held social structures together were lost in Post Modernism’s maze of meaningless words.

The absurdity reached its peak with black-clad police protecting mobs as they shouted, ‘defund the police!’. Shortly after, city officials brought in cranes to remove statues on behalf of zealots, and then the final insult – the fist of Socialism illuminated by drones in the New Year’s fireworks display above London.

At this point, night seems to be as inevitable as humanity’s desire to cast ourselves into its abyss.

This approaching Dark Ages 2.0 has not gone unnoticed. The press have penned millions of words devoted to Socialism’s political upheaval, much of which is positive (as is always the case when a small clique of intellectuals believe an ideology can grant them fame).

While the inner circles of the champagne-dripping privileged class toast the demise of liberty, few have bothered to ask what of our lives?

What happens to the soul of a nation when the personal relationships between its people are fundamentally changed by an ideology that seeks to wield control over our private impulses and thoughts? There are scant few inches of print exploring the toll Socialism exacts on a population even though history tells us that its effects are ruinous. I doubt the overly-sensitive West is prepared for this emotional fallout considering we recently had serious discussions about ‘exams being too stressful for kids to endure’. If they think merit is hard, wait until they become acquainted with slavery.

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We do not yet have a word to define 2020’s breed of Socialism.

Often it is casually referred to as Marxism, but the woke and social justice warriors are not leading a revolution for the working class to seize control of production, nor is this a class struggle in any meaningful sense. If you went to school from the nineties onward, you would have been drip-fed the joys of Post Modernism. Ironically, Post Modernism’s attempts to re-brand Marxism by replacing its trademark class struggle with an identity conflict has led directly to racial and civil unrest across the Western world.

This elevation of ‘race’ to a position of political power would make ‘National Socialism’ its closest relative in the Socialist family. National Socialism, popularised by Hitler’s Germany, is defined as Socialism that grants racial control over the State’s industries (rather than worker control). The State practices racial supremacy and segregation, pitting one race against another while attributing social value, rights, privileges, and tax to a preferred identity. Anyone who has watched groups like Occupy Wallstreet, Antifa and Black Lives Matter squabble over who gets to speak next based on skin colour will recognise this sinister ideology.

Modern Socialism’s side project of Eco-Fascism expands the definition into a nightmare of conjoined terrors. Instead of the nation taking control of production for the sake of its own glory (as was the case in Mussolini’s fractured Fascist Italy), the idea of the ‘greater environmental good’ inside the Climate Change propaganda industry has empowered national leaders to assume control of private industry on behalf of international organisations and their directives. Bureaucracies like the World Economic Forum, European Union, and United Nations are now acting as de-facto authoritarian bodies seizing increasing power over production, agriculture, private land, and civil rights even though not a single citizen in those countries voted for them.

All of this re-enforces the primary goal of Eco-Fascism – absolute State control or ‘Global Fascism’. I could make the argument that the true definition of Globalism is the intersection of Global Fascism and Mega-corporate making it the last and most disastrous of all the Socialist ‘isms’ – but for now I will continue to call it by the root ideology, ‘Socialism’.

Socialism, in all its forms, is a political religion that demands absolute subservience.

To convert followers, there is usually a period of saturated indoctrination, preferably through the education system. It infiltrates families. Breaks down friendships. Tears apart national institutions and erases whatever refuses to bow. After the conquest, only the State remains. Socialism, and all its derivatives, want to tell us who we can love and who we can talk to – who we can admire and even what the nation is allowed to remember about its past. The eternally jealous ‘Socialisms’ do this to remove competition for the State’s affection. Like all good cults, you cannot allow loving families or independent wealth to contradict the life offered by the State’s officials in what amounts to an up-scaled version of Stockholm Syndrome.

This tabula rasa situation does not suit humanity. As a species, we form emotional attachments to the ghosts who came before us. Not only do we divine personal meaning from our ancestors, their stories of exploration and discovery romance us into believing that we can strive for similar things in our own lives. This breeds individualism and fuels defiance, neither of which is helpful when you are trying to sedate the population. Without our passions, humanity is reduced to a single-minded vessel of war. If we are unable to fight foreign aggressors, we become obsessed with trivial discrepancies within ourselves – egged on by the race filter Socialism places over our daily interactions.

Socialism is a revolutionary movement predicated on civil unrest. In the West, this means transforming a peaceful, integrated and productive society into one gripped by class, race or national unease which has to be wedged into an open wound. Class wars have always been a disappointment to Marxism, mostly because the working class refuse to revolt from their annoyingly successful Capitalist careers. In 2019 Australia, 93.8% of all businesses are small family businesses – the friends and family of those they employ. Even the most radical Marxist knows that there is little chance of getting anyone to massacre old Bob at the Newsagency.

The French intellectuals who birthed Post Modernism after the embarrassing failure of the other Socialisms in the twentieth century, did their best to disguise the next iteration. If you cannot have a class struggle – you are going to have to make do with a race and gender war.

Western Civilisation, which has spent several thousand years trying to calm everyone down and build a peaceful empire, is now in the ridiculous position of welcoming racial segregation back into schools. Under the nose of parents, Socialist lecturers have managed to brainwash kids into fearing anyone who is of vaguely European descent. This fear is explained, not lived. It is a construct of indoctrination and re-enforced by the imagination of attention seeking faked racial attacks perpetrated by the likes of Jussie Smollett.

What happens to the social relationships amongst our kids in university when Socialism tells them to hate and fear their peers?

It is difficult to conceive that a ‘place of learning’ could be so reckless as to teach kids that they are responsible for the actions of historical figures who approximately share their skin colour. The intellectual dishonesty of universities stretches to the marking schedule, meaning that a student’s ability to attain a qualification is now bound to their willingness to repeat vile doctrine. Many are choosing to abandon a university education entirely – altering people’s career paths. The natural result has been seen in countless Socialist countries where standards of healthcare, education, and STEM industries plummet as the talent walks away leaving only those willing to indulge the toxic politics of their educators.

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The inconvenient truth for universities peddling the Post Modernist ‘race struggle’ is that pretty much everyone in history was a victim. Life has been universally terrible except for a thin veneer of people in power – of all ethnicities – who played god with the rest of us.

There is nothing more sinister than an ideology that takes little kids and divides them into oppressors and victims based upon the colour of their skin. It teaches them to fight each other for the entertainment of the political elite who hope to profit from their manufactured conflict come election time. This behaviour permanently damages relationships within a generation during its formative years, affecting everything from employment to marriage.

The modern race-based Socialism is tightly bound to the political divide, with left-wing parties like the Democrats encouraging Black Lives Matter to terrorise cities in the lead up to the US election. Politically radicalising the nation has already begun to split families apart where the younger generation is so deeply invested in their political party that they shun their families and friends in favour of State representatives.

Because the conflict has been falsified, there is no natural solution to bring an end to it once things get going. People cannot change the colour of their skin and they cannot change the past. Even if an individual was able to produce proof that their families had nothing to do with the incidents being used by the ideology to justify their demands, it does not matter. Once citizens are divided by race – the mob cannot be reasoned with. It is enticing to extort money and property from an ethnic group and a famously lazy Millennial youth will ride the Socialist train to the bitter end until they are the only ones that the State has left to enslave.

Socialism and this bastardised form of Marxism has taught several generations that they can blame personal inadequacies on their friends if they are a different colour, gender, sexual orientation, or member of an alternate political party. It is a moral ‘get out of jail free’ card that makes people feel superior while enacting terrible social crimes against their kin – including the dismantling of true civil equality. In the end, the political situation becomes so dangerous that the only way someone can absolve themselves of the physical defects that led to their oppression is to subscribe to the Socialist movement and vote for their politicians. Belonging to this political ideology is akin to a baptism.

It is also a death warrant. You are never truly free of your original sin in a Socialist system. To remain inside polite society, a person must adhere to any and all new doctrine released by the leaders of the revolution, no matter how ridiculous, dangerous, or obscene. In this way, Socialism is civilisation’s political abyss, caught in a war of escalation to maintain its revolutionary energy. Like a shark, it swims to live and thus can never preside over a peaceful society.

The rules of this pseudo religion behave exactly like any other aggressively insular ideology. You can only converse, marry, or do business with others inside the cult thus ensuring the cult spreads itself through society as a whole, birthing additional generations of worshippers until ostracised groups are forced to support it or starve.

Cancel Culture’ is a sample of this behaviour, where public boycotts were organised against private businesses who refused to openly back Social Justice talking points – even if they had nothing whatsoever to do with the product the business was selling. It is no surprise that this began with Silicon Valley. Their business model is driven by traffic and traffic is created by civil noise. Revolutions are great for stirring up marketing dollars even when the end game of the movement is the dissolution of Capitalism. (Look, no one said Social Media oligarchs was smart.)

This behaviour is bad news for the social future of our species, but there is a flicker of hope worth holding onto.

The story of humanity is also the story of personal relationships which have defied systems of religious and political authority. While some famous trysts sparked wars (Troy – everyone is looking at you), marriages were historically considered the sticky-tape that bound together fractured empires and otherwise irreconcilable faiths.

Unsurprisingly, the biological allure of men and women with their raging pheromones outranks even the most insidious ideology. Socialism’s new movement deliberately attacks the concept of gender as a feeble attempt to erase two billion years of sexual reproduction.

This works – for about five minutes.

As soon as fluid, non-binary, unicorn-identifying-omni-gendered kids grow up, the urge to reproduce and form families overtakes the political dogma of their youth. Throbbing genitals remind them which gender they are and suddenly there is a pack of small children at their feet. A house, job, and membership to the local conservative party follow shortly after. Suddenly, that person they were taught to hate at university because of a racial identity has become their life partner. There’s no stopping it. Humans find each other attractive. End of story.

Being a revolutionary when you are a teenager is ‘sexy’. Heck, it might even get you laid if you haven’t got much else going on with your personality. When you’re an adult, being a revolutionary makes you fodder for a powerful State that sees your labour as a commodity to abuse. Even the most devout Socialists eventually wake up to the fundamental problem with the ideology they’ve installed into power…

Equality of outcome is a real drag.

The simple, overlooked truth of life is that humans do not want the same things. When the State issues identical material outcomes designed to please everyone, they end up pleasing no one. A tide of misery follows when the Utopian dream of ‘equality of outcome’ manifests as a nightmare. It is at this point that the lazy university radicals who wanted easy money realise that money is worthless without freedom. What those budding Socialists actually wanted was for someone else to work for them, a slave class – if you will, that is taxed to provide them ‘free money’.

Economic slavery is the natural consequence of all Socialisms.

When you realise that humans do not want to be materially equal, Socialism’s eternal failure becomes obvious. This is why it does not matter how you wrap Socialism. Whether it is Marxism, Communism, National Socialism, Post Modernism, Globalism, or Fascism – it all shares the same equality-driven defect.

What humans actually want is equality under the law and equal opportunity to play the game of life in whatever way they want – not a predetermined set of outcomes. While some may view Socialism as an attempt to counteract the inherent unfairness of life, we must pause to acknowledge another hard truth – life isn’t fair. This is an inalienable rule, no matter what political system you enact. If anything, Socialism’s attempt to forcibly hold the population at one level while its elite party members climb is the most unfair system that has ever been conceived. Capitalism may have a hierarchical structure, but at least it is porous giving opportunity to any member of society to rise or fall.

In essence, Socialism fails because of humanity’s fundamental emotional drives. All of our human desires are centred around stirring competition within the species. Jealousy and envy are not evils – they are nature’s way of motivating us to get our shit together and improve our circumstance. Biology knows that animals are fundamentally stupid, so our brain chemistry uses emotion to drive advantageous behaviour. This is a big problem for the ‘you will all be identical and equal’ Socialism.

Why do we want to acquire more stuff and out-compete our neighbours? To get ourselves a good looking mate.

There is nothing that a political system can do about this primal urge. Any system that allows humans to continue acting like – well – humans, thrives even if it is not as free as it could be. Capitalism is not a complete political system like Socialism, but rather an economic system which rewards people who strive and drags the rest of the pack along for the ride by employing them within a general system of success. Capitalism sits within various political systems – democracies, republics, monarchies etc but all of these are made more free by the existence of Capitalist economics. Even more interestingly, Capitalism functions without a political framework because it mimics evolutionary behaviour.

Despite what some Socialist champions preach, no human society creates equal outcomes for all members because the work required to survive is not of equal value. Ideas of Eden-like tribes existing in perfect Socialist groups is an outright fallacy. We know that tribes were divided into stringent social orders by gender, age, and ability. Below is an excerpt from the journal of W.A. Cawthorne who was commissioned to live with Aboriginal tribes in South Australia circa 1840. He was famed for his paintings and detailed accounts of Aboriginal tribes. His writings show that even food had strict hierarchies.

‘The forearm of a kangaroo is not allowed to be eaten by those under twenty years of age. The wild dog is the only food for the bushes, or full-grown men (that have gone through all the ceremonies). The newly circumcised are prohibited to eat fish. The female kangaroo and fish are not eaten by young unmarried men. Girls and women until the birth of the second child are not allowed to eat opossums or emus; in fact the different sexes and almost every age have certain foods. [ … ] The men always take the best parts, and throw the rest to their favourite wives and children, if they have been successful in hunting. The women enjoy the bones, which they are very fond of, breaking them into bits and chewing.’

The concept of an early human Socialist paradise simply never existed but, with history safely erased, its practitioners are not particularly bothered by the facts.

For those still in possession of the historical record, Socialism (in all its forms) is one of the worst offenders of inequality. Its citizenry are frequently reduced to a single, featureless mass governed over by the rank and file of the party elite. This comes after they have been robbed of their assets because, in spite of all the declarations made during the opening refrain, no one actually wants to give up their home and property to a bunch of politicians.

Being trapped in the system of equal misery plays havoc on civil relationships. Depression feeds into a tide of anger and resentment at the stagnation of their lives. This destroys the creative soul of civilisation and turns its energies toward retribution and crime. The people ask themselves, “What is the point of making something if the State is the only one profiting? What is the point of back-breaking work if my neighbour does nothing and gets the same amount from the State?” The animosity created is toxic, setting citizens against each other because it is impossible to fight the all powerful State.

Perhaps the most obvious attack on social cohesion is Socialism’s obsession with destroying the family unit.

It attempts to teach that ‘family’ is an ‘agent of social control constructed by the elite’. A bizarre leap with no corroborating evidence. Socialism’s fear is that family bonds are strong enough to break down the influence of State control. Families were the original, advantageous mechanism that built civilisation. When a pair of committed adults pooled their resources along with those of their extended families, they were able to defend property and wealth from attack. This gave them a better chance of survival.

Alliances between family groups created the Ancient Roman city-states. These families had their own gods, laws, and armies which kept the political class in check. Socialism cannot allow families to grow powerful enough to challenge the authority of the State. This is why we see Black Lives Matter championing the ‘village approach’ to raising children where they become wards of the State. Isolating individuals from birth keeps the poor poor as they never have the ability to acquire property, assets, alliances, armies, or meaningful power.

The demonisation of the family was something Engels continued, claiming that before hereditary property rights, humans existed in a happy promiscuous horde. Monogamous marriage, Engels went on to argue, merely turned women into ‘glorified prostitutes’. Not only was Engels a fantasist when it came to these musings on cultural evolution, there was also a fine irony. Engels claimed ownership of his best mate Karl Marx’s illegitimate child born to a housemaid, keeping the secret until a death bed confession.

So much for Socialism’s support of free love…?

There is a good reason why Marx and Engels conspired to keep the secret, and it is the same reason that Engels was wrong about the social history of sexual relationships. Deep down Engels’ actions show that he knew very well that monogamy had more to do with feelings of love and bonding than the control of the elite. These powerful emotions surrounding monogamy manifested naturally to assist the raising of children. Not even the pair responsible for Marxism could overcome their own biology.

The social destruction that Socialism inflicts upon societies makes its name even more cruel. While Socialism might masquerade as a social force for good, it stalks through the world devouring the most important, sacred parts of civilisation.

It is here, in Socialism’s greatest evil, that we find its undoing. The bonds between family and friends are what will save the West from the long Winter of Socialism. With family comes tradition and a loyalty that goes well beyond the affection people are capable of feeling for the State. The vast majority of Westerners are only prepared to die for personal reasons – not for the love of a bureaucratic State. Socialism wants you to love the State and its leaders as you would your father. If paternalism is meant to be on the nose, then Socialism is surely the worst offender and easily the most neglectful parent of the batch. It is the drug-addled sadist who keeps its kids chained to a bed in the basement.

When you are staring down Socialism’s energetic youth try to remember that the brilliant thing about biological urges is that their evolution predates rational thought. Ultimately, Socialism doesn’t stand a chance.

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