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Left-wing group threatens patrons attending Lauren Southern’s speaking event: ‘We’ll abuse you… film you… and someone will probably doxx you’

A group that call themselves YARD, or Yelling At Racist Dogs, has threatened patrons attending a Melbourne speaking event featuring Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern.

A post on the group’s Facebook page warns, “What we do at YARD is stand outside events like this and hurl personal abuse at you while you’re in the queue.”

“We will individually attack you for your beliefs, appearance, clothing, and anything else out-of-the-ordinary we notice while you wait,” they added. “The abuse is individual – you will be targeted.”

The group also said they intend on capturing the abuse on film, which will likely be used to doxx those attending the event.

David Pellowe, one of the event organisers, responded to the threat calling it, “Authoritarian terrorism at its finest.”

Pellowe continued, “Far from being sufficiently equipped to mount a logical defense of their fascism, these rabid dogs can only hope to inspire fear into those who dare to disagree with them. They feel no remorse and have no shame.

“I doubt they’ll obtain all the necessary permits to protest, or will obey all lawful commands from any police officers attending. I’m sure they’re not upstanding citizens whose primary concern is a civil society, but rather intellectual infants who persist in the rationalised delusion that the ends somehow justify whatever malicious means they think may work – like so many genocidal, #socialist dictators before them. These are like they that empowered the carnage of 20th century governments.

“They have declared war on Western culture, Christianity, on peaceful assembly, on freedoms of association, speech and political expression, and they have decided that anyone who gets in their way deserves to be hurt – for unapproved opinions.

“Politicians and police – will you defend law abiding citizens going about their business, or will you blame the victims and reward open terrorism on our city streets?”

In December last year 300 police were reportedly called to separate protests outside a Melbourne event featuring Milo Yiannopulous. Incredibly, Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville said the Victorian Police would be billing the organisers of the event up to $50,000 for the cost of police resources.

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