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Lawmakers push to classify abortion as homicide

An Oklahoma state senator has authored a bill that would see abortion classified as homicide without exception.

Republican Senator Joseph Silk’s Senate Bill 13 would make it a criminal offence for anyone to be involved in an abortion in all cases except when the mother’s life is in danger.

In an interview on KOCO 5 News, the senator described the bill as, “an equal protection bill” that defines human life at the “beginning of conception” and offers all life “equal protection under the law.”

Consequently, the law classifies any intentional killing of unborn children as “homicide.” The bill will see abortion no longer classified as a “health service” and will also have no exception for rape and incest.

“Rape and incest are horrible things,” Silk said. “But you don’t kill a baby because of the crimes of the mother or father. You just don’t do that.”

Although media outlets and pro-abortion activists have claimed the bill provides no exception for when a mother’s life is at risk, the senator said such assertions are false.

“If you think that, you haven’t read the bill,” Silk said.


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