Kennedy Backs Musk’s Legal Stoush Over Far-Left Libel

“Robert F. Kennedy Jnr. says he’s happy to join Elon Musk’s lawsuit against libellous ‘hate watchers.'”

Robert F. Kennedy Jnr. says he’s happy to join Elon Musk’s lawsuit against libellous “hate watchers.”

The Democrat Presidential contender made the move on Twitter X, where he offered to back a legal fight over malicious claims made by the far-left linked organisation, Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH).

Kennedy accused the British-based CCDH of being a, “foreign-funded dark money hate group that works with U.S. government agencies, to defame, and censor critics.”

He then added, “As a target of CCDH’s fraudulent smear campaign, I’m happy to join Musk in a libel lawsuit suit against this sketchy outfit.”

Musk legally challenged the apparently pro-cancel culture organisation, and “its backers,” after CCDH allegedly smeared Twitter with an eye to undermining advertiser confidence.

Singled out following the Space X boss’s purchase of the social media company, X-Corp (formerly Twitter Inc.) claims CCDH has been, “Actively working to assert false and misleading claims encouraging advertisers to pause investment on the platform.”

Fleshed out in an official blog post, X-Corp said, “The CCDH’s scare campaign, and its ongoing pressure on brands to prevent the public’s access to free expression, is actively working to prevent public dialogue.”

Upon news CCDH had accessed data without permission, X opened an investigation.

This ‘identified several ways in which the CCDH’ was purging people, who company CEO, Imran Ahmed considers to be “hate speech” propagators.

Reasons for the lawsuit included:

  1. Targeting people on all platforms who speak about issues the CCDH doesn’t agree with.
  2. Seeking to ‘deplatform users whose views do not conform to the CCDH’s ideological agenda.
  3. Cancel culture – undermining free speech organisations by attacking ‘their revenue stream.
  4. Attempting to illegally gain unauthorized access to social media platform data, and misuse of that data.

Additionally, remarks made by Imran Ahmed suggest CCDH have selectively ignored X-Corp’s success with protecting free speech while ensuring platform safety.

As X-Corp testified, “Innovative enforcement policies are helping [to significantly] reduce hateful – (read: unlawful) – content.”

The lawsuit will essentially allege the CCDH is guilty of confirmation bias.

It is alleged that Team Ahmed used specifically chosen content, out of context, in order to deliberately frighten advertisers away from Twitter.

Ahmed’s apparent agenda is to paint X as an extremist organisation.

CCDH, falsely accusing the company of fermenting so-called “hateful content,” instead of delivering on its promise to be a platform for the free X-change of ideas, indicates such.

In his response, Ahmed seemed to double down on the insults.

He insinuated here that Musk – the “free speech absolutist” – was a hypocrite for “trying to silence [CCDH’s] honest criticism, and independent research.”

Ahmed has smugly dismissed the lawsuit as Musk going into damage control.

The CEO accused the billionaire of trying to cover up CCDH’s “anti-hate” “revelations” about extremism.

He argues that “Mr. Musk wants to stem the tide of negative stories for the benefit of advertisers.”

Contra to CCDH’s claim to “honest criticism, and research,” an unrelated investigation by America First Legal revealed CCDH’s undeniable ties to the UK Labour Party.

AFL’s FOI report states, “Imran Ahmed and members of CCDH’s board consist of political operatives affiliated with the highest levels of the UK Labour Party.”

Far from being apolitical, Ahmed has also ‘taken credit for a so-called “defund racism” campaign.

Additionally, Ahmed is associated with “Black Lives Matter Inc. and the force placed on Google to remove their ads from The Federalist and ZeroHedge.”

AFL president, Stephen Miller pointing at CCDH’s foreign ownership, and foreign management, concluded, the non-profit to be a foreign agent.

They are “tirelessly trying to kill free speech, and undermine the U.S. constitution,” said Miller.

“Any corporation taking cues from the CCDH should be aware that they are being used as pawns in a vast scheme to deprive Americans of their fundamental rights,” he added.

The Musk/Kennedy tie-in?

Imran Ahmed has brazenly mocked RFK Jnr’s 2024 candidacy as a non-starter.

He has also smeared Kennedy as an “anti-vaxxer,” and implied that RFK’s only quality was his family’s name, as reflected in this BBC report.

Further, CCDH targeted RFK Jnr over his opposition to lockdowns, and the unquestioning embrace of CCP-19 vaccines.

Calling Kennedy, a ‘repeat offender,’ who was ‘disseminating harmful information, Ahmed and company included the potential U.S. president in its list of people they wanted de-platformed.

Falsely labelling dissenters, the ‘Disinformation Dozen,’ Team Ahmed didn’t just demand the deplatforming of individuals, CCDH wanted their organisations, funds, and ‘backup accounts’ cancelled as well.

These are the very same accusations thrown at the 2024 contender by the Biden administration.

To which Kennedy rightly fired back, saying he was censored for mal-information, not misinformation.

“Information that is true, but is inconvenient to the people in the power.”

Unsurprisingly, legacy media came to the defence of CCDH by treating the organisation with kid-gloves.

Their response smacks of collaboration.

Thus, justifying Kennedy’s assertions in January this year, exposing the existence of an anti-competition, COVID communications cabal, known as the “Trusted News Initiative (TNI).”

Replying to the headlines coddling CCDH, Elon Musk said, “You can tell it is propaganda when they choose terms that are impossible to invert. Who is ‘PRO’ hate speech!? Their actual goals have nothing to do with hate speech, and everything to do with censorship of public dialogue.”

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