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Huge spike in searches about Christianity after the release of ‘Jesus Is King’

There has been an increased interest in Christianity recently after rapper Kanye West released his latest album, Jesus Is King.

Google searches for “Jesus”, “Jesus is Lord” and “What do Christians believe?” spiked with the release of West’s gospel-themed album last week, while #JesusIsKing was trending across social media.

Bible Gateway also reported a ten-fold increase in searches for “John 8:33” and “John 8:36,” two of the verses mentioned in the song ‘Selah’.

Following the release of the album, the American Bible Society (ABS) set up a website offering free Bibles to Kanye fans interested in learning more about Jesus.

Dr John Plake, director of ministry intelligence for ABS told Fox News when the culture changes and people begin asking questions, Christians need to make sure they’re answering correctly.

“I think Kanye, as a social influencer, may be closer to some people than their next-door neighbour,” Plake said.

“And if your neighbour came to you and said, ‘Let me tell you what God’s been doing in my life,’ maybe you’d give them an opportunity to do that. And I think that’s what Kanye is doing to millions…”

Since the website was established, the American Bible Society has given away more than 2,000 free Bibles to fans wanting to learn more about Christianity.

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