High Court Ruling on Dr Peter Ridd’s Academic Freedom Case Will Take 2-3 Months

“Dr. Ridd, a marine scientist with extensive experience on the Great Barrier Reef, was dismissed by Cook University for questioning the popular view that the Great Barrier Reef is endangered.”

Judgement on Dr. Peter Ridd vs. Cook University over an unfair dismissal case, that has attached to it serious implications for freedom of speech in Australia, will be handed down in the next 2-3 months.

The delay in judges delivering a ruling is well inside the High Court’s operating procedures.

They ‘rarely give a decision – (the judgment) – at the end of a hearing. Rather, the decision is “reserved” and presented sometime after the hearing. Each Justice makes his/her own decision on cases, and where decisions are not unanimous, the decision of the majority prevails.’

Judges take time to work out their reasons for ruling for or against, handing down a decision in written form at a later sitting.

The High Court decisions are final, and are ‘binding on all other courts throughout Australia.’

The serious nature of the case is also likely to have had an impact on the timeframe.

Wednesday’s High Court of Australia hearing is a test case on academic freedom under the claustrophobic shadow of climate change catastrophising.

Dr. Peter Ridd is hopeful, posting a statement to his successful GoFundMe campaign, saying, he was ‘extremely grateful’ for the support, especially to those who attended the hearing.

Speaking to the wide interest drawn from concerns about the precedent of Cook University’s decision on academic freedom, Dr. Ridd said, support for him ‘demonstrated to the media, which included the ABC, that there is considerable interest in the general issue of academic free speech and poorly quality assured “science”.

He added,

“Win or lose, this campaign, of which you are an important part, has already had a significant effect on universities. Even if we lose, it will only demonstrate that what JCU did was legal – not what is right. Win or lose, I will not regret what we did, or why we did it. Win or lose, we will continue to the fight to reclaim our universities, and make some of our science organisations more trustworthy.”

Dr. Ridd, a marine scientist with extensive experience on the Great Barrier Reef, was dismissed by Cook University for questioning the popular view that the Great Barrier Reef is endangered.

Peter Ridd faced the same ready-made Leftist gallows as cancelled Climate Scientist, Judith Curry, and Australian Geologist Ian Plimer, whose against-the-stream facts, and straight talk threaten the gargantuan amounts of dollars being plunged into NGOs, from people who’ve been conditioned by the Climate Change Apocalypse narrative to fear the worst and (hashtag) “follow the science.”

Continue to pray for the judges to have clarity on this issue, that they will defend civil liberties against manipulative, activist litigation, that hides behind “codes of conduct”.

Pray for Peter Ridd, tourist operators, farmers, and the science establishment, who are under increasing pressure to put fiction over facts.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

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