Grown ups believe in Santa too, they just call him by a different name

The idea of a big, benevolent man in red, distributing gifts to all free of charge, is not limited to the imaginative minds of children. This is a fantasy held by many adults too. Only, they don’t refer to him as Santa Claus, but the Government – and Ron Paul is Ebeneezer Scrooge.

In a Christmas post on Facebook, Paul shared a pictured that said, “Before you make fun of children for believing in [Santa], remember there are adults who believe in benevolent governments.” The former presidential candidate went on to say, “Government is not Mother Teresa. It’s not ‘caring,’ or ‘compassionate,’ or ‘humanitarian.’ It doesn’t ‘help’ the poor… It multiplies them. It doesn’t ‘run the economy’… It destroys it. It doesn’t ‘spread freedom’… It squashes it. Government is violent force. Either that force is chained down by a Constitution, or like a fire, it’ll spread and burn down everything in its path.”

Paul has often argued, “we’ve lost track of the fact that the Constitution was written to retrain the government. Now it’s turned on it’s head. The government uses the constitution to retrain us! That is upside down!”

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