Greens MP Shares Platform With Marxists at Anti-Christian Protest

“Apparently, the sight of Christian men praying in public is so disturbing to some that they see it as a threat to their existence.”

NSW Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong addressed an anti-Christian rally and declared that the phrase “Christian lives matter” is racist as the “lives matter” term should only ever be preceded by the words “Black or Aboriginal”.

Ms Leong, previously best known for organising a vigil for three baboons that escaped from Sydney’s Prince Alfred Hospital, shared the megaphone with Diane Fields and Eddie Stephenson of the revolutionary Trotskyist group Socialist Alternative.

The event was organised by “Community Action for Rainbow Rights” (CARR) to protest against the three dozen or so Christians who walked through Newtown praying on Friday night. Apparently, the sight of Christian men praying in public is so disturbing to some that they see it as a threat to their existence.

Jordan Humphreys also of Socialist Alternative wrote in that organisation’s newspaper Red Flag that the “far-right Christians” organising under the banner of Christian Lives Matter were a “mob of bigots” with a “fascistic worldview”.

CARR is a front organisation which Socialist Alternative uses to organise protests. Aside from Fields and Stephenson the most recent CARR spokespersons include Cat Rose (of Socialist Alternative), April Holcombe (of Socialist Alternative) and Owen Marsden-Readford (of Socialist Alternative).

Socialist Alternative is a Revolutionary Marxist group that wants to violently overthrow the government and institute their own brand of communism. They’re quite open about this and the idea that the Greens MP for Newtown wouldn’t know who she was sharing a platform with are is beyond belief.

Socialist Alternative has a history of violence including protests against Liberal party candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves, the attempted storming of last year’s CPAC conference in Sydney, organising violent protests against Mark Latham,  organising another violent protest where Tony Abbott’s sister was attacked, and attacking the electorate office of then Senator Cory Bernardi amongst many, many more examples.

It’s no secret that the NSW branch of the Greens has always been amongst the most extreme in the nation, but their constant open association with actual real-life communists needs more publicity. Nobody should ever listen to these people try and tell anyone on the right who they can and can’t associate with ever again.

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