Fury After “Extremist” Christians Gather for Prayer March in Response to Vulgar Jesus Joke

So, they can publicly mock Jesus’ death, but when Christians respond with prayer, it’s the Christians who are the extremists?

LGBTQ activists have taken to social media to express their outrage after a Christian group dared to hold a public prayer march through King Street in Sydney on Friday night.

The prayer march comes just days after Jesus’ death was crudely mocked on public television by a drag queen who was invited on Channel 10’s news show The Project to promote Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and World Pride.

“Comedian” Reuben Kaye left viewers horrified when he made the vulgar comments last Tuesday night, saying: “I love Jesus,” he said. “I love any man who can get nailed for three days straight and come back for more.”

After copping backlash online, the show issued an apology for airing the joke. But for some, that is a non-story. What they find truly outrageous is that a group of Christians would dare to pray aloud on a public street.

Video footage of the prayer march shared on social media shows a group of men publicly reciting the Lord’s Prayer as they moved through Newtown’s main street.

Police said they responded to the “unauthorised protest” and found around 30 people in attendance. However, no arrests were made.

Soon after footage of the march was shared across social media, LGBTQ activists began describing the group as “Christo-fascist radicals.”

Activists wasted no time attempting to doxx those responsible for the march, with a number of users sharing photos of the alleged “ringleader” and his wife on their wedding day.

Inner West Mayor, Darcy Byrne, took to Twitter, where he labelled the march as a “homophobic demonstration by extremists.”

“I’ve been briefed about the homophobic demonstration by extremists in Newtown last night,” Byrne said.

“We opened Pride Square to send a message that all people are welcome in our Inner West community. A handful of small minded bigots can’t change that,” he ironically added.

Once again, the tolerance brigade makes it abundantly clear: ‘All are welcome, provided you leave your Christian convictions at the door and adopt ours. In short, no Christians allowed!’

It’s not an unusual thing for Christians to be the subject of public ridicule at these sorts of events. Last year NSW Police came under fire for mocking Christianity at Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras by posing with men dressed as nuns.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney described the images as a “mockery” after NSW Police posted them to their official Instagram page.

Former police minister David Elliot told the Daily Telegraph at the time that if officers had paid such disrespect to Islam, Judaism or Hinduism he would have sacked them.

But times are apparently changing, and these things are becoming increasingly permissible — even praiseworthy! You can march through the streets in a state-sponsored parade, celebrating an ideology that is fundamentally opposed to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. But that’s not “extremism,” not even if you take part naked. No, “extremism” today isn’t marching through the streets in a gimp outfit while twirling bedazzled sex toys. “Extremism” is marching through the streets reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

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