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Government to BLOCK SIM Cards and Social Media Until Vaccinated

The time to speak up is before, not after, they take your tongue.

The Sindh Government has asked the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) to block the sim cards and social media accounts of unvaccinated citizens in an effort to — you guessed it — stop the spread of C0VID-19.

As part of the Pakistani provinces’ attempts to “control the virus,” the government made the official request after warning the public that social media accounts and sim cards would be barred to anyone who has not yet received the injection.

In a letter to the national coordinator of NCOC, the Sindh Government outlined their four-phase measures to increase vaccination rates among the people.

WION News reports: “The task force recommended sims’ blocking in a phased manner. In the first, a warning message will be issued by the government. After it, blocking social media accounts will be carried out. In the next phase, the outgoing calls will be blocked and, in the end, the SIM will be completely blocked until inoculation.”

The letter reads: “It is therefore requested that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority may be directed to take necessary measures accordingly for successful vaccination drive to break the transmission chain of Covid-19.”

The time to speak up is before, not after, they take your tongue.