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Gold medalist sprinter slams trans athletes competing in women’s sports: ‘Living in ridiculous times’

A double gold medalist sprinter has slammed the inclusion of biological men in women’s competitive sports, saying we’re “living in ridiculous times.”

British sprinter James Ellington posted the comment on Twitter yesterday, after transgender cyclist, Rachel McKinnon won gold for a second time at the Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester.

“If I decide from now on I want to be recognised as a woman and break all the WOMENS British sprint records, is that fair?” the 34-year-old asked his more than 15k followers. “Living in ridiculous times.”

Of course, Ellington’s tweet attracted the indignation of more than a few triggered trans-activists, who accused him of the standard same old, same old.

In a follow-up tweet, Ellington said: “So far I’m a bigot, transphobic, disgusting, uneducated and ohh racist amongst few other things. That’s what you get for speaking up for women in sport.”

British track and field athlete and Olympic bronze medalist Emily Diamond also backed Ellington’s comment saying: “This infuriates me. What can we do? I don’t understand how it’s not obvious sport categories need to be sex not gender.”

Ellington responded, “Just give it time, once the public start seeing women in combat sports get annihilated and seriously hurt, then maybe just maybe something might be done.”

Sadly, we saw this happen back in 2014 when Fallon Fox, a transgender MMA fighter, beat his female opponent so severely that she suffered a broken skull and a concussion.

As we said back then, men and women are inherently different, and women will pay an especially high price if we continue to pretend otherwise. The incident with Fox and his female opponent proves a man can break a woman’s skull in the name of progress because everyone is too “politically correct” to break his heart with reality.

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