Abortion State

“I forgave my rapist and gave birth to his child”

Elise sparked a friendship with a stranger over social media. Eventually, they spoke over the phone and agreed to meet each other in real life. The initial encounter was pleasant enough to warrant a second meeting, only this time, Elise’s new “friend” raped her in her own home. Elise recalls:

I just felt worthless. Just completely devalued. And filthy. Like, you couldn’t–there wasn’t enough soap in the world to make me feel clean. A few weeks later, I went to Walgreens and I took a pregnancy test in the bathroom… And it was positive. And I just sat there, because what do you do? …

The issue of when abortion is acceptable is rarely discussed without any reference to rape. Often you hear people argue, “Shouldn’t a rape victim be given the choice whether her rapist’s child lives or dies?” and “Should a rape victim’s suffering be extended by a 9-month reminder of what took place?” What did Elise choose following her rape-pregnancy?

I knew that life is never an accident. That babies aren’t just accidents. They are created by God. I don’t regret for one second choosing life for my daughter. She has made my life so beautiful. I have never felt that amount of love. I have never felt that capacity of love.

You can watch Elise’ story below:

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