Bishop Reports Church Member to Police For ‘Hate Crime’ on Twitter

Police contacted Margrave and ordered him to effectively hand himself in before police turned up at his front door.

The Bishop of Coventry has reported a lay member of the Church of England’s general synod to the police for committing an alleged ‘hate crime’ on social media.

According to Christian Concern, the Diocese of Coventry, led by the Bishop of Coventry Rev. Christopher Cocksworth, reported Sam Margrave, 40, to the authorities for causing ‘offence’ on Twitter while campaigning against Queer Theory and the sexualisation of children.

The bishop received complaints about Margrave’s tweets which urged the church and bishops to take a stand for biblical teaching and the canons of the church. Margrave said he was calling the church not to “endorse sin or send messages that harm people by suggesting God agrees with an agenda that is incompatible with Christianity.”

West Midlands Police contacted Margrave and ordered him to effectively hand himself in before police turned up at his front door.

Margrave, a former councillor who has been a lay member of the CofE’s governing body for over 10 years, said he did not receive details of the complaints but was informed by the Bishop: “The Diocesan Secretary has had no option, in view of a number of complaints received, to report your offending tweets to the West Midlands Police and is in continuing conversation with them. They have advised her that they have been able to speak to you but that you continue to deny you have done anything wrong.”

Christian Concern notes that Margrave had initially put forward a Private Member’s Motion for the July 2022 general synod entitled, ‘Declaration of Christian Incompatibility of Pride.’

Margrave, who was elected to the general synod after receiving the most votes in the Coventry diocese, pledged to run a campaign the ‘against sexualisation of children,’ and to do more to end Christian persecution worldwide.

In two motions submitted, Margrave asked bishops to: (1) raise concerns put to me by parents and professional about images that show the sexualisation and grooming of children; (2) enforce laws in Churches regarding the use of flags; (3) answer questions about Queer theory and paedophilia; and (4) consider whether Pride is compatible with the Christian faith.

The motion was followed up by a series of tweets expanding on the declaration. Since then, Margrave has received multiple death threats and abuse from clergy, members of Inclusive Church and other LGBT campaigners, Christian Concern reported.

Commenting on his treatment, Margrave said: “I am shocked, appalled and deeply hurt that the Bishop and diocese has resorted to reporting me to the police and has essentially thrown me under the bus.

“For standing against the sexualisation of children and the secularisation of the CofE, I have been repeatedly harassed and threatened. The impact on my well-being has been immense and the people in the Church who should be supporting me the most have close ranks against me.”

Margrave went on to say that he believes the CofE has been politically infiltrated by Stonewall and other groups.

“The promotion of Queer Theory, the acceptance of Pride flags, and now reporting any vocal opposition to the police, bares all the hallmarks of Stonewall and a repressive regime that wants to silence biblical truth at any cost.”

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