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Feminist, LGBTQ activist strips naked in front of shocked school children to protest sexism

A feminist, LGBTQ activist has stripped naked in front of stunned school-aged children at an art gallery to protest artworks she deemed “sexist.”

Activist Mare Tralla reportedly opened the feminist exhibition “Woman and Woman” at the Pärnu City Gallery in Estonia with a “performance” that involved covering the artworks of Marko Mäetamm with anti-sexism slogans.

Tralla’s performance, titled “No ‘but’ can be used as an excuse for sexism,” was in response to Mäetamm’s artworks which Tralla claims depict sexist imagery of women.

The paintings were covered in sheets which had slogans written on them such as: “But he didn’t mean it this way,” “But he’s a nice guy,” “But he smiles always,” “But this is his humour,” and “But he loved his wife,” “cannot be used as an excuse for sexism.”

This essentially sums up the lunacy of left-wing activists. They’ll expose children to things they shouldn’t be exposed to (evidently, whether they want to see it or not), and then they’ll turn around and congratulate themselves for some sort of heroic stand against social injustice.

Isn’t it amazing how, according to the Left, just about every social injustice can be cured by exposing children to naked adults? Funny that…

Screenshot from a video the “artist” posted online.

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