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Fed-up academics pen ridiculously fake papers, prominent academic journals publish their nonsense as “excellent scholarship”

Three left-leaning academics were stunned to discover several ridiculously fake papers they’d penned were accepted and published by prominent academic journals.

The trio, fed-up with the political corruption that’s taken hold of the universities, submitted a number of papers written on ridiculous subjects to 20 prominent academic journals in the fields of gender, race, and sexuality.

Seven of the submitted papers were accepted and published by the journals. One of the papers, which was honoured as “excellent scholarship,” claimed that dog humping incidents at dog parks can be taken as “evidence of rape culture.”

“I closely and respectfully examined the genitals of slightly fewer than ten thousand dogs,” the paper outrageously claimed.

Another paper rewrote a section of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf as intersectional feminism.

When it was revealed the papers were a hoax to expose the quality of their scholarship, the journals reportedly accused the trio of engaging in “flawed and unethical research.”

Uh, yes – that’s exactly the point!

John Stossel sat down with James Lindsey and Peter Boghossian, two of the men behind the so-called research papers. That interview can be viewed below:

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