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Fake NYC Sanitation ads TRASH Christians and Trump supporters: ‘Keep NYC Trash Free’

A “street artist” in New York has posted a series of mock NYC Sanitation Department posters around the city depicting Christians and Trump supporters along with the caption: “Keep NYC Trash Free.”

One of the posters features a woman in a MAGA hat holding a Bible, another shows a man with a confederate tattoo and a MAGA hat holding a drink from Chick-fil-A.

According to Gothamist, the artist, Winston Tseng, refused to comment but said, “I’ll let the poster speak for itself.” Tseng has reportedly put up vulgar posters in the past, taking a swing at Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, and the Catholic Church.

A spokesperson from NYC Sanitation said, “A street artist has designed them and illegally placed them on our official litter baskets. We have told him to cease and desist and if he does not, we will fine him $75 for each poster we find and remove.”

Senior adviser for Planned Parenthood, Elizabeth Thorp, tweeted a photo of the posters saying, “I love NYC. #keepnyctrashfree”

A spokesperson for social networking alternative Gab rightly said, “Insert literally any other race/religious text/political symbol and this would be all over every news channel being called a ‘hate crime.'”

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