DeSantis Signs More Pre-born Protections Into Law

“All of these measures combined show that Florida is truly committed to building a culture of life by adopting family first policies and protecting life at all stages.”

Despite ire from abortion activists in the White House, Florida’s Ron DeSantis signed more pre-born protections into law on Thursday.

Formally known as SB 300: Pregnancy and Parenting Support, the Heartbeat Protection Act bans the termination of life in the womb, reducing the existing time from 15 weeks to 6, once the unborn child’s heartbeat is detected.

Notably, SB 300 comes with exemptions for ‘victims of rape, incest, and human trafficking, which [will still be] available up to 15 weeks gestation.’

The bill comes with clauses created to hold ‘violent perpetrators of crimes against women, and girls, accountable,’ a Florida Senate press release explained.

Part of SB 300’s aim is to ‘help prevent repeated sexual assault, abuse, and violence against rape, incest, and human trafficking survivors.’

As such, reporting mechanisms have been added to better bring ‘criminals to justice.’

An additional feature of Florida’s expanded abortion restrictions is USD $30 million in funding to provide better material, emotional, and mental health support for new mothers, and fathers.

The new legislation refines existing law, doubling down on protections for women, and their unborn child.

By law, Big Pharma’s mail-order abortions are now banned, with new restrictions stopping physicians from using Telehealth to perform abortions.

In life-threatening situations, two physicians will need to certify in writing that termination is necessary to save a pregnant woman’s life.

When pregnancy is said to be the result of sexual violence, a ‘restraining order, police report, medical record, or other court documentation providing evidence will be required.’

Violating Florida’s refined abortion legislation will be treated as a felony, measured by existing law.

Echoing Biden’s “Everyone not us is a Domestic Terrorist” his administration smeared DeSantis’ improved abortion laws as ‘extreme and dangerous.’

The administration – the same people weaponizing medicine, and law enforcement against U.S citizens – claimed the “ban on abortion,” ‘flew in the face of fundamental freedoms,’ declaring they had the majority of Florida on their side.

Dismissing the bloody baby body count, Biden’s team accused DeSantis of stopping millions of women from accessing what they said was ‘abortion care.’

Completely tone deaf, the “no jab, no job” White House, then brazenly declared, “Americans demand the freedom to make their own decisions about their own bodies without government interference.”

People magazine, citing a 685-person voter survey from the University of North Florida, defended “pregnant people,” alleging 75% of the state’s 22.2 million residents were opposed to the bans, which included, ‘61% of Republicans.’

Praising the successful passing of SB 300 in a statement published online, the Governor’s office argued, “While other states like California and New York have legalized infanticide up until birth, Governor DeSantis has enacted historic measures to defend the dignity of human life and transform Florida into a pro-family state.”

Team DeSantis’ statement then included reminders about SB 300 being both pro-mum and baby.

Reiterating a commitment to love them both, DeSantis’ office asserted that they are ‘enhancing services for pregnant and postpartum women and children, which will improve maternal health outcomes for women at high risk for maternal morbidity.’

Pre-empting attacks from “abortion is healthcare” activists unhappy with protections for life inside, and outside the womb, the DeSantis statement concluded with, “All of these measures combined show that Florida is truly committed to building a culture of life by adopting family first policies and protecting life at all stages.”

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