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Defending yourself in Australia can land you in jail

Does Australian law favour the criminal and punish the victim? Should the law change to allow individuals to carry non-lethal self-defense items? Senator David Leyonhjelm today said:

Police and others in the security industry can carry items to protect themselves, why can’t fellow citizens? When you need the police in seconds, they are minutes away. Not everybody can win a fight unarmed.

Sydney Watson explains, “the reality is that criminals who set out with the intent on causing harm are probably going to be armed. What disturbs me more than anything is the fact that Australians are completely unable to fight back…” Watson continues:

In Australia, if a person possesses an object specifically for the purposes of self-defense, whether that item is lethal or non-lethal, that is a criminal offense. I guess the reality is, if a person is able to flee a crime, they’re pretty lucky. If they’re unable to flee, and they don’t have the necessary strength or an improvised weapon to fight off an attacker, well then they have to rely on the police or by-standers to actually step in and help…

With rendering things like pepper-spray and tasers illegal, it stands to reason that self-defense is not a realistic option for the average person. And dare I say it, for most women.

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