Coronavirus Restrictions Save More Than 100,000 Babies From Abortion in Moscow

Coronavirus restrictions in Moscow, Russia have potentially saved more than 100,000 babies from being aborted.

According to a Russian women’s “rights” organization, only three out of the capital’s 44 clinics have said they would continue to provide abortions through the nations compulsory medical insurance program.

The Moscow Times reported that the current COVID-19 restrictions will halt between 100,000 and 150,000 women from aborting their babies.

However, the Moscow Department of Health denied the claims, saying only one clinic was closed after it was repurposed for COVID patients.

Citing Johnston’s Archive, Life News noted that Russia has some of the highest abortion numbers on earth, reporting 661,045 abortions in 2018. While “in 2013, the United Nations estimated that 53 of every 1,000 pregnancies in Russia end in abortion.”

The nation currently has the second-highest abortion rate in the world after China.

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