Christ is King and Hate Speech: Have Conservatives Betrayed Their Christian Base?

“Christus Rex is a foundational belief that has underpinned Western Civilisation for the length of its lifespan so far.”

What began as a clash between two conservatives with gargantuan egos has escalated into a war on Christians asserting God over government.

In case you missed it, Christus Rex – Christ is King – is apparently “hate speech.”

Notable personalities, like James Lindsay, and even the brilliant Andrew Klavan, ditched their customary sharpness by (either directly or indirectly) reprimanding the declaration of adoration, “antisemitic.”

Failing to distinguish between authorial intent, and the actual historical intent behind “Christ is King,” pundits – mostly Christ-less conservatives – bandwagoned: “That’s racist!”

Abandoning the important distinction between who is using a phrase, and why it’s being said, they chose to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Let me be clear: Antisemitism is abhorrent. Any form of ethnic hatred should be vehemently rejected.

I also think that in order to do this properly – in order for Never Again – to work, terms need to be defined, and adhered to with honesty.

It is not antisemitic to offer up fair criticism of Israel.

It is antisemitism to act out hatred of Jews.

Malicious intent is vastly different to how a phrase is intended to be used.

Hence, those opposed to the misuse of “Christ is King” as a whip statement against Jews, had legitimacy.

They lost this legitimacy when they let their argument fuse to Christian bashing generalisations.

For instance, James Lindsay tried to argue that “Christ is King” was another BLM psyop.

This blurring of realities failed to acknowledge that while BLM Inc. was a grift, the New Testament accounts are not.

The transformation of the world sparked by the historical event announcing Jesus Christ’s God incarnate self-revealing, cost every one of the New Testament authors their lives, and their freedom.

Lindsay abandoned historicity for histrionics.

Hypocritically, he weaponised “Christ is King.”

Then, illustrating many other accounts doing the same thing, Lindsay wielded it in his own malicious way.

Christus Rex is a foundational belief that has underpinned Western Civilisation for the length of its lifespan so far.

Christ is King isn’t hate speech, it’s the glue holding what’s left of The West together.

As Caldron Pool boss, Ben Davis has explained, traditionally the creed, Christus Rex undermined tyrants and restrained Kings.

Christus Rex underpins the covenant promise of God-given freedoms and the covenant’s reciprocal call for individual responsibility.

There’s a reason North Korea is more concerned about the Bible entering the country than they are guns.

What’s being exposed by the Shapiro vs. Owens escalation is the conservative betrayal of its Christian base.

Reprimanding “Christ is King – as hate speech” isn’t just dishonest, it reeks of opportunism.

There’s also a reminder here that political identity is not a rock on which we should be building our lives.

Christ the King is.

Red-pilled wolf packs are just as opposed to Christ (and ironically, therefore, just as opposed to the Jews) as the Marxian-Woke collective.

Context-wise, none of this is a defence of Candace Owen’s questionable intent behind her original use of “Christ is King” in November.

It’s worth stating, though, that Owens appeared to be reminding Shapiro, that regardless of his well-earned position of influence, his position and ethnicity doesn’t make him king over her.

This was tantamount to Owens affirming 2,000 years of Biblical teaching.

Jesus Christ was a Jew, who proclaimed in John 4:21-23, “…salvation comes from the Jews.”

Salvation comes from the Jews, not through the Jews.

In other words, one doesn’t have to become a Jew in order to be saved.

Further, Jesus the Jewish Christ, as high priest and promised Messiah, doesn’t just officiate the sacrifice for sins, He becomes the once and for all sacrifice for our sins.

He is the Passover lamb of God, slain for the sins of the world.

Candace Owen’s response to Ben Shapiro’s carte blanche support for Israel will be forgotten, unlike the schism it’s irreparably ignited.

Christians, and the Christian-hating faction within conservativism parting ways, has been a pending storm on the horizon for months.

This separation was inevitable.

It is increasingly clear that Christians who currently align with conservatism, are not welcome in some conservative circles.

For example,

1. It is politically inconvenient to talk about feminism’s decades-long war on masculinity, and how this has contributed to, if not been the progenitor of transgenderism.

2. Christians who vocally support man-for-woman, woman-for-man marriage, or vocally oppose abortion, and gay parenting’s parental alienation, are quietly ignored.

3. This subject matter includes, opposing IVF designer baby consumerism, the normalisation of LGBTQ+, and the LGBTrans politicalisation of culture, society, etc.

True classical liberal conservatism would be open to hearing all voices and allowing these to add to its robust discussion on issues.

Instead, there’s a fear of litigation and fear of being called names.

A fear of being seen as supportive of genuine “God-botherers” dissenting in the dialogue.

Evidence, articles and arguments are also met with irritation and intolerance.

Hence the migration of Christians towards Libertarianism.

For those saying “We never said Christ is King – is hate speech”:

It’s definitely implied.

Once “Christ is King” is thrown into the dustbin of “harmful, and insensitive” terms, dehumanising those who express it as a creed of affirmation for God over Government, will also be silenced.

To borrow from Victor Frankl, those who hold to the Shema and the Lord’s Prayer have seen this gameshow before.

Therefore, Jews should be objecting to this faux outrage over “Christ is King” too.

If we agree that to hate the Jews, is to hate Jesus the Christ.

We must also agree that to hate Jesus the Christ is to hate the Jews.

By all means question the intent behind THOSE hijacking the phrase, but do so without ABUSING the phrase.

James Lindsay and company, are smart enough to know this distinction. One wonders why they’re not holding to it.

To quote Charles Spurgeon, who copied this down from a gravestone,

‘The loss of gold is great,
the loss of health is more,
But the loss of Christ is such a loss,
As no man can restore.”

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