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Coke pulls pro-LGBTQ advertisements after petition goes viral

Coca-Cola will reportedly pull a series of pro-LGBTQ themed advertisements after an online petition gathered more than 41,000 signatures.

The multinational corporation triggered the backlash by running a pro-LGBTQ campaign across public locations throughout Budapest, Hungary.

The advertisements featured homosexual couples embracing while sharing a Coke Zero with the caption, “#LoveIsLove” and “Zero Sugar, Zero Prejudice.”

A petition created by CitizenGo Hungary and established in response to the campaign went viral this month, collecting more than 41,000 signatures.

Citizens who signed the petition demanded the immediate removal of the advertisements because “the homosexual content promoted on the posters threatens public morals since homosexual relationships are contrary to natural moral law and family as the basis for the survival of the nation.”

“Hungary protects the institution of marriage as a voluntary community between men and women, and the family as the basis for the survival of the nation.”

However, the decision to pull the advertisements are only a “semi-win,” according to the creators of the petition. While the posters featuring homosexual couples will be removed, the advertisements are set to be replaced with a rainbow bottle and the words “LOVE IS LOVE.”

The replacement ads.

According to the creators of the petition, the advertisements are designed to test public tolerance of LGBTQ-themed advertising which has not yet been embraced by companies in Hungary.

“If Hungarian society accepts this, there will be more and more steps,” the petition creators said. “Posters, commercials, films, rainbow products, etc. And as we continue to slide down the slope, it will become increasingly difficult to stop.”

LifeSiteNews reached out to Coca-Cola for confirmation of the corporation’s amending of its Budapest LGBTQ campaign and for comment on the matter but has not yet heard back.

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