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City officials BAN Christian family from farmer’s market for holding to a Christian view of marriage.

When Steve Tennes, owner of Country Mill Farms, expressed his Christian view of marriage on his Facebook page, East Lansing city officials responded by banning him from selling at the city’s farmer’s markets.

The Facebook post came about when an unknown individual inquired about a past incident where Tennes simply referred a same-sex couple to an orchard willing to host homosexual celebrations.

For a time, Country Mill Farm stopped hosting weddings altogether, but the officials still weren’t satisfied. The city’s attorney said, “This is not about speech and it’s not about religion. It’s about discrimination.”

To Tennes, it’s about much more: “Government officials should never be allowed to ban citizens from participating in any aspect of public life simply because that person said something the city doesn’t like. The city of East Lansing is asking us to choose between the peaceful expression of our beliefs and our livelihood. No one should face that choice.”


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