Canada’s Descent Into the Abyss

And unlike the radical left activists that Trudeau has supported and not enacted emergency power over, the recent truck convoy did not result in one building being burned to the ground, any looting taking place, any businesses being attacked, or anyone being murdered. ‘Worst. Terrorists. Ever.’

Having lived for the past two years in what has become known as the tyrannical paradise of Victoria, Australia, I guess I have become a bit sensitive when I see the ugly head of dictatorship being raised elsewhere. And we have certainly seen that of late in Canada, and in particular, Ottawa.

The same ugly heavy-handedness, lust for power and control, and absolute contempt for ordinary citizens that we saw in Dan Andrew’s Victoria we are now seeing in Justin Trudeau’s Canada. The recent alarming scenes from there have been sickening to behold.

Simply watching some of the videos of this will shock most normal folks. Here is just one of them: 

And the despicable rhetoric coming from the Canadian dictator has been so worrying. Calling the freedom-loving citizens a ‘fringe minority’ of white supremacists and accusing them of being terrorists is reprehensible. Trudeau is the one who proudly bowed the knee in public with real terrorist groups in the past, such as BLM.

And unlike the radical left activists that Trudeau has supported and not enacted emergency power over, the recent truck convoy did not result in one building being burned to the ground, any looting taking place, any businesses being attacked, or anyone being murdered. ‘Worst. Terrorists. Ever.’ as one wit put it.

Although the freedom convoy has been violently suppressed, and the Canadian Senate has basically forced Fidel Trudeau to end his draconian and unjustified state of the emergency act, this is not the end of the situation. And plenty of commentators are quite shocked by what they have seen. I will run with a few of them here.

Many have noted the obvious similarities between what happened in Germany last century and what has just happened in Canada of late (as well as places like here in Melbourne). The list that some have run with include these points:

  • Implemented health passports
  • Suspended civil liberties
  • Censored opposition
  • Created two classes of citizens
  • Forced healthy people into isolation
  • Banned certain demographics from cinemas and restaurants
  • Forced people to undergo unwanted medical interventions
  • Used the media to control public perception
  • Forced certain demographics out of their professions

Yes, the parallels are very real – and very ominous. And all that has gone with this, including freezing the bank accounts of those who dared to criticise the government and support the freedom convoy, is taking us to full tilt fascism. As Dennis Prager has said about the situation in Canada:

Canada is leaving the Western world. In terms of all-encompassing government, suppression of dissent and the denial of fundamental human rights to many of its citizens, Canada is now more similar to Cuba than to any free country. Canada may eventually return to Western civilization, but as of this writing, the majority of Canadians appear to have no interest in it doing so.

He concludes:

Upon the death of Fidel Castro, Justin Trudeau gave the most positive assessment of the Cuban tyrant of any Western leader. It is worth quoting in full because it demonstrates Trudeau’s affection for communism and because Trudeau is transforming Canada into Cuba:

“It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President. Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation. While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for ‘el Comandante.’

“I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away. It was also a real honor to meet his three sons and his brother, President Raul Castro, during my recent visit to Cuba. On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro. We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader.”

There does remain one major difference between Canada and Cuba. Few Cubans support their Marxist leaders, but most Canadians support theirs. They don’t know what they’re in for.

And as I have said for two years now, if you want to create the perfect storm for statist tyranny, simply exploit – or create – a crisis or an emergency, and use it to the max to suppress all dissent and strip people of their fundamental liberties. As Tucker Carlson put it:

If you’re going to remain god, you’re going to need the devil to fight. So, if you’re wondering why so many western leaders suddenly are vilifying their own populations, people they were supposed to represent, this is why. Find an enemy, create a crisis, stay in power forever. It’s the oldest recipe for tyranny that there is. If we don’t recognize it in our own age, it’s only because nothing like this was supposed to happen in a democracy, but it is happening, most clearly in Canada.

Or as he said elsewhere:

There’s no longer any pretext that this is about the COVID pandemic. No one in Trudeau’s government is trying to protect Canadians from anything much less a virus. This is political repression. If you doubt that, consider what happened to a place called the Ionic Cafe. That’s a coffee shop in downtown Ottawa. On Sunday, riot police tried to break into the cafe and shut it down. Why? Because the proprietors had dared to serve coffee to the truckers during the protest. Under Justin Trudeau, that is now a crime. A man called Enrico, who works at the cafe, said he saw Trudeau’s forces mistreat a civilian on the sidewalk, possibly like the mistreatment you just saw. When he told them to back off, “Hey, this is Canada,” they turned on him.

MAN FILMING: OK, share this out, you guys, get it out everywhere now. Get it out. They’re saying they’re going to break the window. They already walked around back, you guys. Here’s your tax service. Here’s your taxes at play, everyone. Welcome to absolute tyranny.

So that kind of thing is happening all over the capital city of Canada. The virus is in retreat, but there’s a new crisis and that crisis is disobedience. Last week we showed you the footage of Trudeau’s forces trampling a woman with horses. Now, internal texts show the officers who rode those horses celebrated what they did. “Just watch that horse video. That is awesome,” said one officer. 

Awesome. An elderly woman being trampled by a horse. The Canadian government has confirmed that those texts are real but none of the supposedly progressive politicians in Canada care in the least. No one on the Canadian left or the American left, for that matter, has condemned any of this or any other grotesque violation of human rights in Canada. State media aren’t even reporting that it’s happening. But it is happening. Over the weekend, the show obtained footage of a particularly brutal beating in Ottawa during the crackdown. When you watch it, you can see a man being kneed repeatedly by Trudeau’s men.

And those who have lived through this know exactly what is happening. Another report puts it this way:

A Canadian reporter issued a chilling warning to the rest of the world at what he believes is happening in Canada. Toronto Sun reporter Joe Warmington appeared on Fox News on Saturday and warned that his nation is engaged in a Civil War and that its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a tyrant.

“Canada is a police state at this time,.. it’s like within a police state. There’s no rule of law, it’s now in the hands of …the Emergency Act, which is the War Measures Act…Just by donating $25 to the truckers’ convoy puts you as an enemy of the state. It sounds like Cuba or China, that’s kinda what’s happening in Canada,” he said.

“It’s a civil war is what it is. They will finish this job whatever it takes. I was just talking to a driver who said… guns were drawn…Look the Prime Minister has made it clear. These people don’t matter, they’re unacceptable. And of course, they do matter. They matter to everybody. They have freedom. And they haven’t done anything wrong other than parking their trucks there, honking the horn,” the reporter said. 

“They suspended the debate in Parliament on the Emergency Act that allows all this to happen. This is not rule of law. This is Marshall law,” he said. 

American commentator Naomi Wolf has said this about Canada:

The world has watched, in pain, as images of police violence from Ottawa, and of a bid for Canadian tyranny (that I would ever write those words!) are flashed around the world. As usual, I hate to be Cassandra; but the chessboard ahead is all too clear. On Feb 12, 2022, I warned, during an appearance on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom, that we all must all now brace for a period during which the powers that now clearly seek to enslave our planet, and subdue our human species, will be broadcasting scenes of civil society mayhem, and of shocking violence against protesters.

I also predicted that there would be food shortages and other economic harms that would be blamed on the protesting truckers, and I warned too that people should print out their bank and any liquid asset records, as there would be cyberattacks on financial institutions and the freezing of accounts. All of that, of course, took place in the week that followed.

She concludes:

In every direction, the WEF has staked its alumni and speakers in national leadership roles, or, as in Boston, at the helm of local leadership; in every direction, they are cracking the totalitarian whip via “health” or in Canada, via the “emergency” of lawful peaceful protest. The people’s mass noncompliance, the leadership of the opposition in taking on tyrants, and hopefully too the people’s quickly-mastered knowledge of their own Constitution, their own Charter of Rights, and their own legislative processes, alone can save us all.

The image of the great conflict of the 60s was of a young woman placing a daisy in a rifle barrel. The image of our great conflict, is that of scores of truckers on their knees, in the snow, praying, surrounded by unidentifiable standing thugs. We have been here before. God have mercy on us; and as for us men and women, may we only remember in time that we are free people.

So much more can be said about this Canadian descent into the abyss. The ever-useful Australian website Caldron Pool has recently done a superb interview with the Canadian commentator Lauren Southern on what is happening there. Please watch:

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