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Canada Bans Unvaccinated Tourists

"I can tell you right now that's not going to happen for quite a while."

Unvaccinated tourists have been banned from entering Canada for quite some time, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Thursday.

When asked by reporters if the government would allow unvaccinated tourists into the country, Trudeau said: “I can tell you right now that’s not going to happen for quite a while.”

The Prime Minister said the country must continue to ensure the sacrifices made over the past year were “not for nothing.”

“The next step we’ll be looking at what measures we can allow for international travelers who are fully vaccinated,” he said. “We will have more to say in the coming weeks.”

According to Reuters: “Canada, as of this week, has waived quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated citizens. But non-essential foreign travelers are still not allowed to enter despite pressure from the country’s hurting tourism sector.”