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Burger King Changes Cow Diet, Says Cow ‘Farts and Burps’ Are Causing Global Warming

Burger King has announced that the fast-food company is changing the diet of their cows in an effort to reduce “farts” and “burps” and help save the planet from Global Warming.

The restaurant shared their “sustainability” campaign on social media on Tuesday detailing their plans to add lemongrass to their cows’ diet to reduce methane emissions.

“cow fats & burps are no laughing matter,” Burger King said on Twitter. “They release methane, contributing to climate change. that’s why we’re working to change our cows’ diet by adding lemongrass to reduce their emissions by approximately 33%.”

The announcement was accompanied by a 2-minute song about how cow “farts” and “burps” are causing the world’s temperature to rise and ice caps to melt.


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