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Bridges turn purple to raise awareness of Rett Syndrome, Jackie Trad hijacks the cause: they’re purple to celebrate abortion.

Queensland is celebrating the decriminalisation of abortion by turning the bridges purple, or so Jackie Trad initially thought.

The state’s deputy premier posted photos on Twitter Thursday afternoon showing Victoria Bridge and Kurilpa Bridge lit up purple.

“Love seeing our local bridges beaming with purple light to celebrate the passing of our bill to decriminalise abortion,” Trad said.

“We’re keeping them lit up right across the weekend so make sure you go check them out.”

What Trad didn’t realise at the time was Victoria Bridge and Story Bridge were not lit purple to celebrate the decriminalisation of abortion, but rather to raise awareness of ‘Rettober’ – a campaign designed to create awareness of a rare genetic disorder known as Rett Syndrome.

ABC News State Political Reporter Allyson Horn responded to Trad’s tweet saying, “The facts – the Victoria and Story bridge ARE NOT lit up for abortion laws – it’s actually for Syndrome Awareness Month. But the Kurilpa bridge (bottom pick in Jackie Trad’s tweet) IS owned by the State Govt, and is purple for the abortion bill.”

It took Trad about four hours to realise her error, after which she tweeted, “Not all mistakes are bad.”

“So, I may have gotten a bit excited and thought that all the Brisbane Bridges were lit up purple to support our bill to decriminalise abortion,” she said.

“Only the Kurilpa bridge in my electorate – which is a State Government bridge – is lit up purple in support of the bill to decriminalise abortion (and it will be all weekend so go have a look!).

“But the Victoria Bridge and Story Bridge are lit up purple because October is ‘Rett-tober’. This is to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome.”

Trad went on to say, for every ‘like’ her celebratory Facebook abortion post received she would send $2 to The Rett Syndrome Association of Australia.

Lyle Shelton from the Australian Conservatives commented on Trad’s post calling it “truly sick” and suggesting “red would have been a more appropriate colour.”

The Queensland state parliament voted 50 to 41 in favour of the radical bill that would allow for abortions up until birth, with the consent of two abortionists. However, while a second opinion is required, the doctor will not have to see the woman or look at her file.

Furthermore, there is no legal penalty if the abortion is performed without obtaining a second doctor’s approval.

A sad time for Queensland and Australia.

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