BLM’s “Defund the Police” Burdens Black Americans With Record Crime

“Since George Floyd’s death… African-Americans have been ‘disproportionally affected by a 43% increase in murders compared to the previous 10-year average.’”

Post-George Floyd policing has contributed to crime in the United States hitting record levels, with America’s black community bearing most of the burden.

Since George Floyd’s death, which catapulted the power, and influence of Black Lives Matter’s Marxist ideology into the bureaucratic caste’s consciousness, African-Americans have been ‘disproportionally affected by a 43% increase in murders compared to the previous 10-year average.’

The Daily Wire released the figures in a recent report which showed ‘the increase in crime began in the months after Floyd’s death.’    

Data supplied by the FBI revealed that ‘in 2019, 7,484 black Americans were murdered, but in 2020, that number increased to 9,941 – nearly 2,500 more, an increase of nearly 30% over just one year.’

The data strongly suggests that “Defund the Police” is (as it always was going to be) a stupid policing methodology for the political class to adopt.

In opposition to this BLM never-leavers blame the record crime rate on COVID-19.

Politico insinuated lockdowns, restrictions, and (loosely) weather were major contributors to what criminology professor, Volkan Topalli dismissed as a ‘statistical anomaly.’

Buttressed by Topalli’s dismissal, Politico laid the blame for the rise on the “pandemic’s” freeze, or ‘elimination’ of community services. Among them, mental health, affordable housing, quality education, and child care.

In sum, they argue the rise in crime is COVID-19 ‘revealing the disparities’ between the advantaged, and the disadvantaged.

Studies backing the ‘Ferguson Effect’ theory counters this, with contributing editor to City Journal, Charles Lehmann stating in January that new studies showed:

“Strong evidence [supporting the existence of the Ferguson Effect, whereby], highly scrutinized officer-involved fatalities reduce discretionary police activity and lead to an increase in violent crime.”

This is supported by ‘The Diversity Delusion’ author, Heather McDonald who warned in 2016:

“The Ferguson effect is an issue almost exclusively in black communities. It is there where the Black Lives Matter narrative about racist, homicidal cops has produced virulent hostility in the streets and where officers are reluctant to engage in the proactive enforcement that politicians and the media relentlessly denounce as racist.”

McDonald rejected the ‘statistical anomaly’ cop-out, affirming that law enforcement officers were ‘backing off proactive policing in minority neighbourhoods.’

The inevitable absence of LEOs – who are intent on avoiding the trouble stirred up by BLM mislabelling them ‘racially oppressive’ – has created a power vacuum.  

As McDonald argued:

“[Excessive outrage] over George Floyd’s death has spurred an outpouring of contempt against the pillars of law and order that has no precedent in American history. Every day, another mainstream institution—from McDonald’s to Harvard—denounces the police, claiming without evidence that law enforcement is a threat to black lives.”

The wokifacation of the judicial branch isn’t helping.

Discussing Democrat-run cities, and wokified ‘rogue prosecutors,’ Heritage Foundation’s, senior fellow, Mike Gonzalez’s explained in his Dec. 2021 exposition:

“All the 12 cities that saw record spikes in 2021 are run by Democratic mayors, while others have ‘rogue prosecutors‘—elected law enforcement officials who refuse to prosecute criminals and return them back to the street, even when police do arrest them.”

Additionally, Gonzalez’s colleagues revealed how George Soros backed officials are being elected ‘despite [having a] radical, pro-criminal, anti-victim approach to the job.’

Such as leftist law enforcement bureaucrat, Larry Krasner.

His woke approach to crime, Gonzalez said, ‘has resulted in a 40% spike in homicides, as detailed by The New York Times.”

Other than the 30% rise in murders nationally in 2020, the increase in crime includes “flash mob” robberies hitting San Francisco and other urban centres in California.’

For Gonzalez, ‘the rise of rogue prosecutors such as Krasner has dovetailed with the rise of BLM, and its push’ to replace law and order justice, with the Marxist doctrine of “social justice.”

Predictably, this onslaught has been brought about by the emotional reasoning of moral relativist, vacuous minded leftists, via “Defund the Police” campaigns.

African-Americans bearing the full brunt of the record crime rate shows how self-serving “messiah” Marxist policies are hurting, not helping the black community.

All of which further supports Heather McDonald’s ‘Ferguson Effect’ causation theory – making those who’ve been quick to draw on the “statistical anomaly” dismissal, both now, and in 2016, as uncaring, and as stupid as they sound.

Leaning on data from USA Today, NYPost writer, Rav Arora explained:

“Since more than 90 percent of black homicide victims are killed by black offenders, the ghost of endemic white supremacy cannot be invoked to push racial grievance narratives. As a result, the media turns a blind eye. Black lives only seem to matter when racism is involved.”

Counter to the popular dogma, racism didn’t kill George Floyd, careless policing did.

The ‘Ferguson Effect’ is another example of the paralysis caused by political correctness, and the kowtowing genuflections made to the BLM-CRT, LGBTQ+ protected political class.

While George Floyd’s death was tragic, the lessons this event teaches LEOs about the dangers of the reckless use of force, have been smothered by opportunists who need racist cops in order to keep their “anti-racist” funding.

An opportunism exemplified by spotlight hugging, Ibram X. Kendi, and his asinine conflation of racism with “homophobia” last week.

More tragically, the evidence strongly suggests that crime in black communities has increased thanks to Black Lives Matter rhetoric.

The confronting reality for the Marxist “anti-racist” industry, is evidenced by the fact that much of its self-righteous virtue-signal posturing is itself perpetuating the crimes often associated with racism.

This is why the data is worth noting: as BLM’s funding increased, so did the crime rate.

No wonder the BLM Bolshevik elite now sits in a gated mansion funded by donations, built on the back of black squares, and feel-good notions.

In the words of Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker: “Black lives never mattered to Black Lives Matter.

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