BLM Is Borderline Bankrupt

“On the back of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter logged a massive USD $76.9 million in contributions and grants.”

A Black Lives Matter budgeting black hole has the Woke extremist organisation teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

Transparency documents sourced by the Washington Free Beacon show a USD $-8.56 million dollar deficit in 2021-2022, compared with USD $41.9 million dollars in 2020-2021.

On the back of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter logged a massive USD $76.9 million in contributions and grants.

These dropped by USD $67 million, to just USD $9.27 million a year later.

Asset-wise, the organisation started with USD $41.9 million in 2021 and ended 2022 with $30.2 million, an $-11.7 million difference.

Part 1 of the IRS financial statement shows BLM also registered 82,600 volunteers, three governing body members, and only two employees.

BLM’s two (publicly declared) employees?

Paul Cullors (the brother of BLM’s former CEO, Patrisse Cullors) and Kailee Scales, BLM’s former managing director.

Scales was handed $114,625 as part of a ‘confidential severance’ arrangement (p.60).

Whereas Cullors – a former graffiti artist – was paid $124,702 as BLM’s “head of security,” with an additional, $15k for “compensation” (p.8).

Adding to his windfall, Paul Cullors’ security firm Black Ties LLC, won an astronomical, $756,330 for so-called services rendered.

Friends, and family with keys to the BLM bank vault aside.

BLM’s budget woes are compounded by questionable purchases and payouts made to shady corporations.

New Impact Partners, LLC, an all-black, all-female, consulting firm, were the biggest beneficiaries.

NIP is run by, Danielle Edwards. The sister of former board member, Raymond Howard.

They received almost $1 million in BLM funds, even though their website, Instagram and Facebook pages haven’t been updated since September 2020.

3rd down the line was the far-left, We Are Rally, Inc. (WAR Inc.) and offshoot of SJW organisation, B Lab.

BLM paid, “B-Corp” certified, We Are Rally, for communications to the tune of $695k.

For context, B-Corp status is a B Lab, ESG/DEI/CRT/LGBT designation given to compliant corporations.

As for the what, who, and where the money paid to WAR went, BLM didn’t specify.

The final highest-paid beneficiaries were Meta Partners, People TV Inc, and Dewey Square Group, for design, media, and campaign management.

Adding to suspicions BLM isn’t being all that upfront about how they do business, there were transactions missing from the declaration.

These included:

  1. $600k to an unidentified former member’s consulting firm over a contract issue.
  2. $1 million paid to Trap Heals, a company owned by Damon Turner, the father of Cullor’s child.

Notably, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF Inc.) is under new management.

The group is currently chaired by Cicley Gay, a non-profit advisor, who has personally declared bankruptcy three times.

Cicley replaced Patrisse Cullors in 2021, after being heavily criticised for how she was handling BLM’s George Floyd funds.

Tax filings revealed the co-founder had spent upwards of USD $12 million on high-end residential real estate in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Toronto, Canada (where Cullor’s lesbian partner was born).

In three pieces dating from January to May 2022, Woke activist, Sean Kevin Campbell, lamented the former CEO’s belligerent reluctance to be transparent.

Taking pains to defend BLM, Campbell separated the organisation’s royalty suspected of corruption, from BLM’s true believers – its grassroots organisers.

Nuancing the hell out of the movement, and Cullors’ actions, Campbell condemned the lack of accountability, arguing that Cullors – a practicing Lesbian, and professing Marxist – was only guilty of ‘poor transparency.’

Although he acknowledges Cullors’ tendency to “White” shame critics, and dismiss dissent as racism, Campbell ruled accusations against her as disinformation.

For example, in May 2022, Cullors labelled BLM donations, “white guilt money,” and accused critics of weaponizing “her [money handling] mistakes.”

It’s a thin defence.

“Whiteness” is not a disease, and there is no white supremacy plague infecting sound judgement when it comes to charities spending other people’s money.

The social infection causing Cullors to misstep is the sin of self-interest.

Socialists are gonna Socialism.

This latest public report shows that BLM’s budgeting black hole has her lingering influence all over it.

As Free Beacon explained, “While Patrisse Cullors was forced to resign due to charges of using BLM’s funds for her personal use, it looks like she’s still keeping it all in the family.”

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