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Biological woman legally listed as child’s “father” after giving birth, biological man listed as “mother”

A biological woman has been legally recognised as the “father” of the child she birthed, in a first for the state of Illinois.

If that’s not confusing enough, the woman’s spouse, who is also transgender, will be listed as the “mother” on the child’s birth certificate, despite being born a biological male.

“It was so crazy,” Myles Davis, 38, told the Chicago Tribune. “I never even thought the birth certificate would have misgendered us in that way.”

Myles, and spouse, Precious, reported the problem to an employer at Equality Illinois and reached out to the LGBTQ rights group Lambda Legal, which reportedly sent the state an advocacy letter, explaining the need for an “accurate” birth certificate.

Two weeks after the birth of their daughter, the couple were informed they’d be issued a birth certificate recognising their gender identification.

“I feel so relieved,” Myles said. “I’d gone through two years of (in vitro fertilization) and nine months of a very difficult pregnancy just to be misgendered at the end. It was really breaking my heart.”

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